November 7, 2009

tis the season

hello kittens :) NO, i have not forgotten about you- so please don't think that! the problem with living in a seasonal town is that one day it is dead and the next day is a whirlwind of hustle & bustle. i live in a small resort town on the east coast of florida and from May 1-Oct 31 it is painfully quiet. but THEN, once nov 1 hits- its like EVERYONE (aka the snow birds) are back in action. this past week has been insane- traffic, long lines at stores, long lines everywhere- you get my point. i had no time to even think about blogging. now, i'm not complaining- i much prefer the busy life than the slow one. i'm just going to need to figure out a time for blogging. anyways i took a few pics this week, so here is a little food porn for you lovies...

grilled swiss on an arnie with hummus & sauteed spinach, mushrooms, & onions and sweet potato fries on the side- YUM :)

chobs. nuff said.

oatmeal raisin cookie. oops, i mean luna.

veggie egg scramble with a toasted arnie with pumpkin butttahhhh. heaven.

PUMPKIN PIE YOGURT! i finalllllly found some at greenwise in palm beach :) topped with udi's. LOVED this.

hummus & swiss sammie with a few pretzel sticks and the left over hummus from the s. don't you die for the adorableee single servings of sabra that i found at bj's :)

okay dolls, sorry to be short today- i will be back to normal soon :) love you all.


  1. Mm those eggs look yummy! My bro is making eggs as I write this and I wish they didn't have bacon in them because now I want some! And I still need to get my hands on some pumpkin Stonyfield...enjoy your weekend love!

  2. I've been searching for the pumpkin pie yogurt. I can't find it :(
    Happy weekend!

  3. hahahah the snow birds. my grandparents are total snow birds!

    i hope your havin a fab weekend love! :)

  4. It is that time of year where it gets so busy. I feel you. I love sweet potato fries.


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