April 20, 2010

back from the dead

suprise, suprise! I'M ALIVEEEE :)

wowzers i cannot believe i have not posted since NOVEMBER 11th!!! that was LAST YEAR!!! living in a seasonal town makes it veryyy hard to post when its "in season"- for my small florida town that would be nov-april. needless to say ive been working non-stop and doing loads of school work- aka no time for blogging. boo.

on a happy note- I'M BACK :) and lotsss to fill you guys in on. having my brain consumed with work and businesses classes has made it hard to concentrate on my healthy eating and gym time :( but i'm ready to get back into the swing of things and keep you updated on my (sometimes) exciting life.

here's a quick summary of the past 6 months- had a fabulous time over the holidays, went to nyc in jan and spent a little too much (and ate a little too much!) but came back with some fab goodies, broke up with the boy, found a new man, had a GREAT season at work, and just as great a semester at school. okay that was quick but i'm sure ill fill you in on any necessary details sometime in the near future.

i REALLY look forward to hearing what you have all been up to as well. i hope you had not forgotten about me and will continue reading :) xoxo, gossip girl

November 11, 2009

i'm that girl

happy HUMP day my pretties :) i feel like this week is going by quite fast- yay for that!! this week has been another busy one so far- lots of work and school. blah. my mom is a caterer (can't remember if i have mentioned that before or not) so her season is just kicking in as well and i've been helping her in addition to all of my other commitments. i'm beginning to realize i'm somewhat of a work-a-holic- i can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing? thoughts? i mean i would MUCH rather being running around like a chicken with my head cut off than sitting around doing nothing. my favorite days at work are insanely busy ones with lots of work to be done- those slow, quiet days go by sooo painfully slowly. yuck.

okay, so sunday was spent being productive- laundry, bathing ollie, homework, etc etc. i did 70 minutes of cardio at the gym. on the way i picked up a much needed non-fat cappucino (with an

extra shot of espresso) from starbs.

holiday cups make me smile :) my smile would be even bigger if it was actually COLD out instead of this ridiculous 89 degree weather. it's very hard to get in the holiday spirit when it feels like the middle of summer. this cup says it all- i wish for a snow day...sigh...

sundays eating was kind of sparse during the day- i had an unpictured chobani and z bar for a late brunch and then nothing until dinner. i just wasn't hungry- very unlike me hah. dinner was nice and light.

amy's alphabet soup :) i felt like a little kid again- it was fab!

monday was an uber early morning- my mom had a huge breakfast and luncheon for our local hospital association. the alarm went off at 5, and let me tell you i am NOT a morning person. my first stop was for coffee, obvi. the event went great and i was done by 3. after working with food for hours the last thing i want to do is eat. i did snack on a zucchini muffin and a little bit of chicken salad at the event however. i hit up the gym for 80 insanely sweaty minutes of cardio and headed home happy as a clam :) i got even happier when i saw 2 packages on my doorstep...

package numero uno was from corinne at pop chips- she sent me a fabulous variety of pop chips to review for the blog. i cannot wait to try them after reading so many good things about them from other bloggies. thank you SO much corinne!

package numbero dos was from gabriela at une vie saine- she was kind enough to send me some seasonal clif bars (pumpkin pie, gingerbread, and cranberry orange nut) after hearing that i couldn't find them any where in my town. she also send me two cookies from magnolia's bakery in nyc (where she lives). gab you ROCKKKKKK! these cookies were INSANE and i cannot wait to try the bars. thank you thank you thank you- you made my week! ps if you dolls haven't checked out her blog, please do- i guarantee you will love it :)

dinner was a french salad made with love by momma sue- and 1 and half pieces of mulitgrain boule.

the salad was a mixture of fresh boston and bib lettuce with tomato, avocado, hard boiled egg, and a petit marmit dressing. twas ridiculously delish! as was the toast of course :) it was followed by a somewhat disappointed episode of gossip girl- i mean come on, couldn't they have created a better 3some then dan, olivia, and vanessa?!? i was thinking of something more scandelous- along the lines of chuck, jenny, and nate?!? i know- i'm bad.

tuesday actually started out with BREAKFAST! i woke up early and decided to have an unpictured bowl of cheerios with low fat milk and naner slices. nom nom. this kept me full until about 2ish, when i had an unpictured pumpkin yogurt with granola. sorry i was really bad with the camera yesterday! after work i did 80 minutes of cardio and rushed home for my ultimate tv night- 90210, the hills, the city, and styl'd. yes, i'm THAT girl- who likes THOSE shows. trashy tv is my guilty pleasure- ain't no shame in my game :) dinner was amy's tuscan bean and rice soup with some added sauteed mushrooms.

this soup was really good- but extremely filling. i only ate about half of the mug and then had a toasted arnie with a smear of jalepeno hummus. i was close to a food pregnancy when i finished. oopsey daisy.
today has been a fairly busy day at work. mid-morning i had pumpkin yogurt with a tiny spoonful of udi's. as you can tell i am LOVING the stonyfield pump yog! lunch was two tiny slices of unpictured veggie pizza with tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and vidalia onions. i also had a few bites of greek salad. i cannot remember the last time i had pizza for lunch. it was SOOOOO good, but now my tummy is hurting. i just can't eat like that at lunch. oh well, ya live ya learn.
okay back to work, then gym, then studying. blah. xoxo that girl

November 7, 2009

tis the season

hello kittens :) NO, i have not forgotten about you- so please don't think that! the problem with living in a seasonal town is that one day it is dead and the next day is a whirlwind of hustle & bustle. i live in a small resort town on the east coast of florida and from May 1-Oct 31 it is painfully quiet. but THEN, once nov 1 hits- its like EVERYONE (aka the snow birds) are back in action. this past week has been insane- traffic, long lines at stores, long lines everywhere- you get my point. i had no time to even think about blogging. now, i'm not complaining- i much prefer the busy life than the slow one. i'm just going to need to figure out a time for blogging. anyways i took a few pics this week, so here is a little food porn for you lovies...

grilled swiss on an arnie with hummus & sauteed spinach, mushrooms, & onions and sweet potato fries on the side- YUM :)

chobs. nuff said.

oatmeal raisin cookie. oops, i mean luna.

veggie egg scramble with a toasted arnie with pumpkin butttahhhh. heaven.

PUMPKIN PIE YOGURT! i finalllllly found some at greenwise in palm beach :) topped with udi's. LOVED this.

hummus & swiss sammie with a few pretzel sticks and the left over hummus from the s. don't you die for the adorableee single servings of sabra that i found at bj's :)

okay dolls, sorry to be short today- i will be back to normal soon :) love you all.

November 2, 2009

happy halloweenie, belatedly

is it really monday already? boooo :( hope everyone had a fabulous halloween weekend! mine was nothing exciting, but it quite nice and relaxing. let's recap...

after work friday i headed to to the gym and had a quick snack on the way- a dr. kracker sunflower cheddar flatbread.

you can actually see the melted cheddar on the cracker :) sooo delish- another homerun for dr. kracker!

i did a quick 15 minute run on the treadmill (as a warm-up) and then did 45 min of strength. geez after not doing strength for over a week my arms had already lost some power!

dinner was a mug of amy's lentil soup...

this was my first time having the lentil soup (we all know i'm a fan of the veg barley!!) and it was sooooooooooo delicious! amy's never fails me. on the side i had a piece of flax toast with (drumroll pleasssseee...) PUMPKIN BUTTER! yes my loves, i FINALLY got my hands on some! it is sooo hard to find pumpkin butter without hfcs, but i finally found some at fresh market!


i had another o face when i had my bed time snack...

a deep chocolate vitamuffin :) nom nom! i had a quiet friday night at home with ollie watching scary movies- doesn't get much better!

saturday was a HoT and HuMiD halloween in florida! there were sooo many warnings on the local news to make sure and not overdress your children in their costumes because there was a chance they could get heat stroke. poor kids. i'm so over this weather. is it possible to be sick of the SUN?!? i would killllllll for a dreary, cold day! asap PLEASE!

since i knew i wasn't dressing up that night (i was the only one at my house so i had to hand out candy- no partying pour moi), i decided to semi-dress up for work. i put together a sorry attempt at a rhianna-ish outfit (current elliot cloud wash jeans, forever poufy shoulder top, chanel cuff, balenciaga heels).

don't laugh- i know, i'm white.

saturday morning was fairly quiet at work so obviously i ate my morning snack out of boredum...

love me some LUNA! i also had some crack- aka COTTAGE CHEESE.

i seriously could live on this stuff. and yes, i am eating it straight out of the container- i'm just classy like that.

i had packed a yummy lunch (aka pb&j), but forgot it at home. i don't function properly in the morning. i scoured the menu folder at work and decided i would treat myself (as it was halloween and diabetics shouldn't have candy). egg salad and a diet pepsi :)

holy moly- this ROCKED!
ollie (the pumpkin weenie) and i only had ONE tricker treater! okay well we may have had a few more but after the first i was over it and left out the bowl on the "honor system". when i removed it later that night there wasn't much missing. ugh- i don't want that many almond snickers lying around my house! ollie quickly pooped out...

please excuse his yucky looking manly parts. we need to get those taken care of.

jon and i decided to go see saw vi, so i whipped up a quick mug of pumpkin oats (with pumpkin buttttter!!!).

no measurements for this one- i just threw it all together. YUMMM!

the movie wasn't too "scary", but it was insanely GRUESOME!! the perfect way to end our halloween night. okay i also may have ended the night with one too many snickers. bad bad diabetic. needless to say i wasn't feeling to well in the middle of the night.
yesterday was the best day off i'd had in a long time. jon and i slept in (yay!) and then met friends at the beach club for lunch and pool time. another hot and sunny day. for lunch i had a whitney cobb salad with spinach, carrots, cukes, chicken, egg, bacon (couldn't resist), and toms with a sherry dressing. twas delish.

after about an hour or so by the pool we decided to go out on our friend sam's boat and go fishing! i haven't been boating in forever! i forgot how much i loved it! we spent the afternoon and into the evening on the river. it was GORG out! the sunset was beautifulllllll :)

we got in from the boat around 8 and headed to jon's parents for dinner- pork chops, salad with fresh shredded beets, and a sweet potato. another fabulous meal. i was STUFFED. with lots of bad eating and no gym this weekend, i feel gross. time to get back on track.

well, it's monday again- ugh. oh well, at least GOSSIP GIRL is on tonight :) back to work. ta ta lovies.

October 30, 2009

hallow's eve

bonjour mes amis :) sorry for the 3 day hiatus- i've missed you lovers! nothing too excited to report, so here's a brief recap of the past few days...

tuesdays lunch-

pb & j on flax and raspberrriiieesss (yes, i ate them ALL- so fresh and delish!)

gym for 70 minutes of cardio, followed by a MUCH needed pedi...

i forgot to bring my own polish (i was planning on chanel vendetta, which is a dark purp), so i found the closest color they had. yay for polished feet!

tuesdays dinner-

after having our legs and feet pampered, mom and i went to our fav mexi restaurant and split these amazingggg pork tacos with lots of guac. nom nom. i LOVE mexican food SO much- but alwayssss have a food baby afterwards (no matter how much or what i eat). blahhh. i've been feeling this one for the past few days. boo.

wednesday's lunch-

suprise, suprise! another pb&j- this one with chia seeds. i don't think i could ever get sick of this.

spent the afternoon at the gym for 80 min of cardio (65 on treadmill and 15 on bike)...

obviously you can see there was no running involved- okay maybe a few minutes here and there, but it was mostly speed walking on an incline.

after the gym i was ready for an afternoon snack so i hit up my goodies from dr. kracker :)

i tried them with jalepeno hummus and swiss cheese (HELLO nothing beats cheese and crackas!)...

okay the more dr. kracker products i try, the more i fall in love with them! these crackers were soooo crunchy and had the most amazing nutty flavor. i also love that these crackers aren't salty. i cannot wait to try the rest of my goodies!

dinner was a quick and easy collabo by momma sue- rotisserie chicken (which i dipped in hummus), sauteed califlower (YUM!), and the most amazing mini pumpkin muffins.

okay now usually i'm not a fan of store bought baked goods- i can make them better myself and not add so many bad ingredients. BUTTTT i have now found an exception (well, momma sue found them)- atlanta bread company's mini pumpkin muffins that mom found at sam's club. they aren't overly sweet and taste sooo homemade. i know there are only two on my plate, but i totes ate fourrrrrr :) muhahaha.

i also had an orange.

i don't have many pictures of yesterdays eat. this lazy butt forgot to take pics. lunch was an oats & chocolate fiberone bar and a cup of cottage cheese with chopped nuts and a few slices of a naner. i just read the ingredients of the fiberone bars and realized they have hfcs in them so i am going to try and pass on those in the future. afternoon snack was a few dr. kracker seeded spelt snackers with cheese.

loveeeddd these ones too- these had lots of sesame seeds on them, which i adore :)

gym was 70 minutes of treadmill, bike, and elliptical. i've been slacking on strength this week- i need to fix that!
i also hit up the spray tanning booth just in case i decided to dress up on saturday- homefry is looking quite casper-y these days.

din was a southwest sunshine burger (the last! booo hoooo) on an arnolds sandwich thin (my first!) with melted light swiss and jalepeno hummus...

i toasted the arnie and it was absolutely delish. i may or may not have snuck into the halloween candy and had two mini hershey bars ;)

TGIF!!! finallllly!!! geez this has been a long week (and post- sorry! is anyone still reading by now?!?)...

today started off with...

girl scout thin mints!!! ooops- i mean a chocolate peppermint stick LUNA bar. i swear these taste just like thin mints! YUMMMMMMM! and no hfcs :) yippee!
today i am sporting some fabulously flashy friday flats! say that 10 times fast ;) but seriously, how FAB are these swarovski encrusted giuseppe flats?!? loveeee these babies.

why does my left leg look tanner than the right? haa gotta love splochy spray tans.
okay my pretties i am off to find some lunch and get back to work. yayyy for it ALMOST being HALLOWEEN :) au revior.

October 27, 2009

z-bar virginity

sorry for the lack of postings my beauties, but i've been buried in school work :( nasty nasty. time to recap...

friday's lunch was a simple pb&j on essential flax bread...

i knew i had to be up early saturday morning (mom had that grand idea of having a tag sale), so i decided to lay low on friday night. first i hit up the gym for 75 minutes of cardio and then i met mom at too jay's for dinner...

we split a veggie quesadilla that had spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, carmelized onions, and peppers on a w/w tortilla. the flavor was good, but it was UBER oily and got soggy wayyyy too quickly. i felt yucky when we left :( so i decided to cheer up my stomach later than night...

pumpkin ice cream with halloween sprinkles :D clearly it is TOO hot in florida because the ice cream started to melt 2 seconds after i scooped it into my mug. blahhh. twas delish though (obvi)!!!
early saturday morning i helped mom set up her tag sale, but then had to rush off to my real job for the day. i had a morning snack around 11ish...

peach chobani with a spoonful of udi's! doesn't get much better, especially when eating it while browsing the pages of the new HERMES catalog. i die...

saturday was INSANELY busy at work. from 1130 until 530 i DID NOT STOP! i LOVE days like that :) i came home to find waldo taking a nap...

man oh man, he really lives the life. sigh...

saturday's dinner was a bowl of grape nuts with low fat (cow's) milk. weird dinner, i know. don't hate.
sunday morning i had to help momma sue again with the tag sale. i literally was giving stuff away just to get rid of clutter. mom would have a price tag of $20 on something and i would sell it for a dollar. i'm a great daughter, i know ;) brunch was a dunkin donuts mulitgrain bagel with ab and grape jam.

soo delish! and yes that is my 711 iced coffee in the backround, obvi.

we closed up shop at about 230ish, and i hit the gym for 70 sweaty minutes of cardio. after my workout i was semi-hungry, so i nibbled on my first z-bar...

this was AMAZINGGGGGGGG! the flavor and texture rocked! how have i waited so long to try one of these babies?!? i'm hooked now :)
dinner was uber simple- eggs and toast...

mom and i each split one piece of white and one piece of w/w (with blackberry jam and REAL buttah!). this was the most amazingggg artisian bread i have ever tried! YUM!
i spent the rest of the evening studying for my obervational behavior test. yuck.

monday was a typical long day. blah. lunch was an unpictured salad- nothing special. test was at 7 and was suprisingly really HARD. ugh i'm so over school. by the time i got home it was 850 and i had to make something rEaLLy quick before GG started. i popped open a can of organic butternut squash soup and threw it on the stove.

this was the perfect dinner to sip on while watching my beloved chuck :) and you know i hit up some more of that toast! holla!
i may or may not have had a bit more pumpkin ice cream later that night ;)
okay now it's tuesday and i have lots of work to do. be back later lovies.
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