October 30, 2009

hallow's eve

bonjour mes amis :) sorry for the 3 day hiatus- i've missed you lovers! nothing too excited to report, so here's a brief recap of the past few days...

tuesdays lunch-

pb & j on flax and raspberrriiieesss (yes, i ate them ALL- so fresh and delish!)

gym for 70 minutes of cardio, followed by a MUCH needed pedi...

i forgot to bring my own polish (i was planning on chanel vendetta, which is a dark purp), so i found the closest color they had. yay for polished feet!

tuesdays dinner-

after having our legs and feet pampered, mom and i went to our fav mexi restaurant and split these amazingggg pork tacos with lots of guac. nom nom. i LOVE mexican food SO much- but alwayssss have a food baby afterwards (no matter how much or what i eat). blahhh. i've been feeling this one for the past few days. boo.

wednesday's lunch-

suprise, suprise! another pb&j- this one with chia seeds. i don't think i could ever get sick of this.

spent the afternoon at the gym for 80 min of cardio (65 on treadmill and 15 on bike)...

obviously you can see there was no running involved- okay maybe a few minutes here and there, but it was mostly speed walking on an incline.

after the gym i was ready for an afternoon snack so i hit up my goodies from dr. kracker :)

i tried them with jalepeno hummus and swiss cheese (HELLO nothing beats cheese and crackas!)...

okay the more dr. kracker products i try, the more i fall in love with them! these crackers were soooo crunchy and had the most amazing nutty flavor. i also love that these crackers aren't salty. i cannot wait to try the rest of my goodies!

dinner was a quick and easy collabo by momma sue- rotisserie chicken (which i dipped in hummus), sauteed califlower (YUM!), and the most amazing mini pumpkin muffins.

okay now usually i'm not a fan of store bought baked goods- i can make them better myself and not add so many bad ingredients. BUTTTT i have now found an exception (well, momma sue found them)- atlanta bread company's mini pumpkin muffins that mom found at sam's club. they aren't overly sweet and taste sooo homemade. i know there are only two on my plate, but i totes ate fourrrrrr :) muhahaha.

i also had an orange.

i don't have many pictures of yesterdays eat. this lazy butt forgot to take pics. lunch was an oats & chocolate fiberone bar and a cup of cottage cheese with chopped nuts and a few slices of a naner. i just read the ingredients of the fiberone bars and realized they have hfcs in them so i am going to try and pass on those in the future. afternoon snack was a few dr. kracker seeded spelt snackers with cheese.

loveeeddd these ones too- these had lots of sesame seeds on them, which i adore :)

gym was 70 minutes of treadmill, bike, and elliptical. i've been slacking on strength this week- i need to fix that!
i also hit up the spray tanning booth just in case i decided to dress up on saturday- homefry is looking quite casper-y these days.

din was a southwest sunshine burger (the last! booo hoooo) on an arnolds sandwich thin (my first!) with melted light swiss and jalepeno hummus...

i toasted the arnie and it was absolutely delish. i may or may not have snuck into the halloween candy and had two mini hershey bars ;)

TGIF!!! finallllly!!! geez this has been a long week (and post- sorry! is anyone still reading by now?!?)...

today started off with...

girl scout thin mints!!! ooops- i mean a chocolate peppermint stick LUNA bar. i swear these taste just like thin mints! YUMMMMMMM! and no hfcs :) yippee!
today i am sporting some fabulously flashy friday flats! say that 10 times fast ;) but seriously, how FAB are these swarovski encrusted giuseppe flats?!? loveeee these babies.

why does my left leg look tanner than the right? haa gotta love splochy spray tans.
okay my pretties i am off to find some lunch and get back to work. yayyy for it ALMOST being HALLOWEEN :) au revior.

October 27, 2009

z-bar virginity

sorry for the lack of postings my beauties, but i've been buried in school work :( nasty nasty. time to recap...

friday's lunch was a simple pb&j on essential flax bread...

i knew i had to be up early saturday morning (mom had that grand idea of having a tag sale), so i decided to lay low on friday night. first i hit up the gym for 75 minutes of cardio and then i met mom at too jay's for dinner...

we split a veggie quesadilla that had spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, carmelized onions, and peppers on a w/w tortilla. the flavor was good, but it was UBER oily and got soggy wayyyy too quickly. i felt yucky when we left :( so i decided to cheer up my stomach later than night...

pumpkin ice cream with halloween sprinkles :D clearly it is TOO hot in florida because the ice cream started to melt 2 seconds after i scooped it into my mug. blahhh. twas delish though (obvi)!!!
early saturday morning i helped mom set up her tag sale, but then had to rush off to my real job for the day. i had a morning snack around 11ish...

peach chobani with a spoonful of udi's! doesn't get much better, especially when eating it while browsing the pages of the new HERMES catalog. i die...

saturday was INSANELY busy at work. from 1130 until 530 i DID NOT STOP! i LOVE days like that :) i came home to find waldo taking a nap...

man oh man, he really lives the life. sigh...

saturday's dinner was a bowl of grape nuts with low fat (cow's) milk. weird dinner, i know. don't hate.
sunday morning i had to help momma sue again with the tag sale. i literally was giving stuff away just to get rid of clutter. mom would have a price tag of $20 on something and i would sell it for a dollar. i'm a great daughter, i know ;) brunch was a dunkin donuts mulitgrain bagel with ab and grape jam.

soo delish! and yes that is my 711 iced coffee in the backround, obvi.

we closed up shop at about 230ish, and i hit the gym for 70 sweaty minutes of cardio. after my workout i was semi-hungry, so i nibbled on my first z-bar...

this was AMAZINGGGGGGGG! the flavor and texture rocked! how have i waited so long to try one of these babies?!? i'm hooked now :)
dinner was uber simple- eggs and toast...

mom and i each split one piece of white and one piece of w/w (with blackberry jam and REAL buttah!). this was the most amazingggg artisian bread i have ever tried! YUM!
i spent the rest of the evening studying for my obervational behavior test. yuck.

monday was a typical long day. blah. lunch was an unpictured salad- nothing special. test was at 7 and was suprisingly really HARD. ugh i'm so over school. by the time i got home it was 850 and i had to make something rEaLLy quick before GG started. i popped open a can of organic butternut squash soup and threw it on the stove.

this was the perfect dinner to sip on while watching my beloved chuck :) and you know i hit up some more of that toast! holla!
i may or may not have had a bit more pumpkin ice cream later that night ;)
okay now it's tuesday and i have lots of work to do. be back later lovies.

October 23, 2009


hey girl hey! FAB news- jenny over at Peanut Butter and Jenny is having an amazing giveaway of FiberOne MUFFINS! they sound absolutely delish, and HELLO who doesn't like FrEE stuff? get on that and show jenny some love :)

coo coo for CaRaMeL

so wednesday turned out to be a nice and relaxing day off :) i started off the day with a new favorite of mine...

dannon caramel yogurt!! now usually i don't like any flavored yogurts such as this (they're too sweet and fake tasting), BUT this one is an exception! it has an extremely light caramel flavor and is absolutely DELISH!

mom and i decided to hit up the beach club for the afternoon because while most of the country is snowing or having cold fronts, this is what our fall looks like...

for lunch we decided to split a pesto chicken and spinach salad with goat cheese and a sherry dressing...

twas good, but had a bit too much goat cheese for our taste. lots o goat cheese at lunch time is just too rich!

dinner was an unpictured popcorn at the movie theatres. dragged mom to see "the stepfather" because um heLLo penn badgely is in it! she wasn't too sure about it, but we both ended up liking it. it wasn't all that "scary", but it def made us jump at parts! the guy was a big time creepo! andddd penn's body was BANGING! they showed him shirtless most of the movie so i was happy :D

since dinner wasn't much of a substantial one, i was still hungry when i got home...vita to the rescue!

doesn't get much better than snuggling in bed with a chocolate vitamuffin!

yesterday started off with an early breakfast from 7-11! yes, i actually ate breakfast! and yes, it was from 7-11. haaaaa.

cheerios with low fat milk (cow's) and half a naner on top. just shows you that you CAN eat healthy on the run. i forgot how much i love cheerios! yum yum.

lunch was nicely delivered to me by jon...

egg white omlette with tomatoes, cheese, and turkey sausage with a piece of w/w toast. SOO nummy! breakfast food is my all time fav (just not actually at "breakfast time"!).

last night i had an overnight babysitting job for 3 awesome girls! it's homecoming week at their school so we got to gossip all night about school happenings, boys, homecoming dresses, etc. made me feel young again :) and made me miss high school! for din they're mom had left us some beef and pea stew she had made. it had an awesome flavor, but was WAYYY too salty. i felt sooooo bloated and yucky this morning! i dropped them off at school and headed to the gym for a morning workout- YAY! finally! i did 45 min of cardio and about 10 of upper body stregth and then rushed home to shower and change for work.

i was a little bit hungry when i got to work so i had a chocolate brownie gnu bar :)

yummm! love this flavor!

TGIF lovies :)

October 20, 2009


waldo is extremely flattered by all of your comments. fyi- he's single ladies ;)

so before i hit the gym yesterday i was a bit hungry and def needed some extra energy. enter the fiber one oats & chocolate bar.

this was absolutely amazinggggggggg! it tasted like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bar :) nom nom. i hit up the gym for 70 min of cardio (5 min bike warm up/65 min treadmill) and 20 min of upper body strength.

i got home to find a box full of goodies on my doorstep from...DOCTOR KRACKER!!!

they sent me a fabulous selection of samples of their flatbreads and culinary crisps to review- i can't wait :) of course i had to try at least one (but only one because i didn't want to spoil my din din). PUMPKIN CHEDDAR flatbread!

according to Dr. Kracker's website, "We toast this cracker while it’s baking to coax the “wow” out of those delicious organic pumpkin seeds, and to get that the most out of that unique, extra-crispy toasted cheddar flavor. Absolutely delicious." I AGREE! these were awesomeeeee! they were extremelyyyyy crunchy and had a fabulous nutty flavor. i could not taste much pumpkin, but that did not bother me. they would be fabulous with melted cheese on them :) thank you George at Dr. Kracker! i cannot wait to complete the full review!

while mom was making a delish salad for dinner, i decided to bake some muFFinS- whole wheat applesauce muffins from the back of the Hodgson Mill box.

i usually like to make muffins from scratch, but i saw this box at albertson's the other day and decided to give it a whirl. i used unsweetened applesauce instead of sweetened and added some flax meal for an extra kick.

and sprinkled some oats on top for decoration...

this recipe yielded 22 mini muffins. the VeRdiCt- i remember why i like to make muffins from scratch. they didn't even rise! (the picture above is pre-baking, but they came out looking the exacttt same way. poop.) these muffins were edible, but did not excite my taste buds in ANY way. blah :( total bummer.

dinner was a typical momma sue salad- romaine, shredded broccoli, tomatoes, shredded carrots, chickpeas, left over rotisserie chicken, red cabbage, and a few tortilla pieces.

sooo yummy- as usual. i also had a few Dr. Kracker Hummus Maximus Culinary Crisps with my salad. they were VERY crunchy and had an interesting flavor. they were good, but i think they had too many coriander seeds for my taste. not great, but definitely not bad- probably about a B-.

the perfect dinner to nosh on while watching GOSSIP GIRL! what did everyone think of chucks boy on boy kiss? didn't bother me- makes for good entertainment. i am liking the addition of hil duff to ze show- although she and dan are an awkward couple thus far. anyways, twas a good episode- can't wait for next week! yay for halloween episodes :)

todays lunch was pb&j with chia seeds on essential flax seeds bread and a non-pictured naner.


afternoon snack was peach chobani with raisin nut FEED granola. by the time i remembered to take a pic it looked like this...

we all know my feeling on chobani, BUT i have another FAV item...FEED granola! holy moly this rocked! the flavor was insane and it just tasted good for you (know what i mean?). thank you again to the jason's at FEED for the amazing samples- i cannot wait to try the blueberry almond and cranberry coconut flavors. anyone have any fab ideas on what to eat them with??

October 19, 2009

bring out the boots

hello beautiful readers :) ugh- is it really monday already? where did the weekend go? oh wait- GOSSIP GIRL is on tonight- can't be too bummed out!!! as for my weekend, let's see...

friday's lunch was half of an egg salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato that i split with one of my co-workers. i was so hungry that by the time i thought to take a pic- it was gone. oopsey daisy. we also split a banana chocolate chip cupcake for a late afternoon snack but it tasted more like a muffin than a cupcake. twas very strange.

did 60 minutes of cardio at the gym (bike and treadmill) and 20 minutes of strength. mom called me as i was walking out of the gym and said she wanted to see "couples retreat" and it started in 5 minutes so to meet her at the theatre. yes, i went to the movies in my gym clothes- sweat and all. classy, i know. she was late (as usual), so i quickly ran into hooked on subs to grab a salad to take into the movies with me (it's right next to the theatre- perfffeccct!). the movie was stupid and silly, but i enjoyed it, and my salad of course (and you KNOW i had some of momma sue's popcorn) :) i DEF want to go to bora bora asap (where the movie was filmed). when i got out to my car after the movie, there was the bigggggest grasshopper on my windshield- they are a sign of good luck!!! yay!!! perhaps i should start playing the lotto? haaa

saturday was a pretty busy day at work- yay :) i had a gnu bar for lunch...

LOVED this flavor!!! veryyyy orangey :) nom nom.

had dinner at grammy's with mom. 3 generations at the same table- always a good laugh!!! i had a small salad to start and then had the prime rib with sauteed eggplant and a sweet potato. i wasn't too hungry (very strange because all i had eaten all day was the gnu bar), so only ate about half of everything. deffff ate all of my eggplant though. i also had about 3 bites of red velvet cake that gram had for dessert. DeLiSh!

sunday morning looked like this...

it was actually CHILLY out (in the 60's)- so ol and i cuddled for most of the morning :) doesn't get much better than that!

mom and i went to brunch at our fav little hole in the wall diner- kountry kitchen. breakfast was an egg white omlette with tomatoes and cheese...

and lots and lots of coffee :)

we then had a mother daughter day and goofted around (aka hit up marshalls, dillards, albertsons, and publix haha). we def needed some groceries, so picked up this...

coffee, dish soap, apples, a pear, an ugly tomato, cottage cheese, rachel's yogurt (vanilla chai and lavender honey), vitamuffins, butternut squash soup, green beans, and a can of pumpkin.
after i dropped mom at home, jon and i took a nice 30 min bike ride (loving this cooler weather) and then did a nice 30 min run. we then went to his parents house for chili! yum yum!

once i got home my night looked mostly like this...

yes, that is the kitten (now named waldo). yes, he is in my AMERICAN GIRL wheelchair that i randomly found in a closet (ha). yes, i wrapped his leg in tp to look like a cast for no reason. and yes, i took a pic of all this. who am i? how old am i? and why do i find this funny? WHO KNOWS! lol that was my sunday evening...
this morning came way too quickly. bye bye weekend. at least it was still chilly out this morning, and you know what that means...BOOTS :) yes, i am wearing boots in low 70 degree weather. don't hate. todays boots are black chanel riding boots- TDF!
lunch was a salad from chesleas- romaine, chickpeas, edamame, red cabbage, egg, cheese, chinese noodles w/ a blood orange vinagrette. not too good today. i probably ate 5 bites and threw it away...and then stole some of andreas french fries. i need to stop all of this picking! a few fries here, a bite of cake there. not good! i need to work on that asap!
i'm off to the gym after work and then dinner and GG :) adios amigos!

October 16, 2009

life, part II

okay so to continue where i left off...wednesday was not only my day off, but it was jon and i's 3rd anniversary- wowzers, time sure flies when you're having fun :) i told him i did not want to do much to celebrate because i want a bomb xmas present so he should save his money (hey, at least i'm honest!). butttt, being that he is who he is, he got me 2 dozen gorg roses...

a lovey dovey card that just melted my heart, and the money to go SKYDIVING!!! okay now he's heard me say how much i want to do it, but now that the offer is on the table i'm kind of chickening out. he def won't go with me and i'm not sure if any of my friends would go either- and i'm def NOT doing it alone (how boring!). too bad ollie can't come ;)

we spent the day down in palm beach (i had to take care of something at chanel, so we decided to make a day out of it- yay!). we invited mom to come along with us and of course she jumped on the idea. lunch was at hamburger heaven (our FAV). i was a bad girl and had this...

a south boston patty melt- hamburger with grilled onions, cheedar cheese, and i added avocado on rye toast. with sweet potato fries of course! mom and i split so i didn't feel TOO guilty afterwards. it was awesomeeeee to say the least.

mom decided to get dessert to go, and we ended up with this...

the biggggggest piece of lemon coconut cake i have everrrrrrr seen! holy moly!

we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering worth avenue...window shopping the diamonds and estate jewelry is PAINFUL...poor jon was accosted by a man trying to sell him an engagement ring. i simply told the man i will only settle for a harry winston (i mean HELLO who does he think i am) and he told me "honey, rome wasn't built in a day"- haaa LOVED HIM!! got things taken care of at chanel and left with ONLY a lipgloss- who have i become? why am i so well behaved these days? boooo! no fun! i guess i should be proud of myself though. we then went to gander mountain (jon's fun for the day), which is an outdoorsy boy store. i was horrified when i saw the "girls" sections with pink shirts that had deers head on them that said "don't you wish your girlfriend could HUNT like me?". needless to say i felt QUITE out of place. buttttt, jon loved it (the store, NOT the shirt) and thats all the matters :) we then hit up the gardens mall for a forever 21 trip (got a few bf tee's- can't beat them for 4.50! holy poo!) and hit up ralph lauren (where i could have spent TOO much on jon) and another chanel. by this time we were all pooped and grabbed dinner to go- mom and i split a roasted turkey (right off the bone) sammie on this delicious oatbran bread. and then headed home. GREAT DAY to say the least!!!

yesterday started off with this...

followed by work, and then this...

pb & j with chia seeds on california complete protein bread. NOM NOM!

i had a huge test last night so no time for the gym- boooooo :( and the test was uber tricky! ugh i hate college. high school was soo much easier when all the question said was "choose the correct answer" and now in college it's always "choose the BEST answer"- soooo annoying because half the time all the answers would work but according to the teacher one is the best! rawr!

dinner was not until 930ish and was this...

oatmeal with flax, chopped nuts, cinnamon, and apples- YUM!

okay current at work starvinggg, so i'm off to grab lunch. ta ta lovies! TGIF :)
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