November 2, 2009

happy halloweenie, belatedly

is it really monday already? boooo :( hope everyone had a fabulous halloween weekend! mine was nothing exciting, but it quite nice and relaxing. let's recap...

after work friday i headed to to the gym and had a quick snack on the way- a dr. kracker sunflower cheddar flatbread.

you can actually see the melted cheddar on the cracker :) sooo delish- another homerun for dr. kracker!

i did a quick 15 minute run on the treadmill (as a warm-up) and then did 45 min of strength. geez after not doing strength for over a week my arms had already lost some power!

dinner was a mug of amy's lentil soup...

this was my first time having the lentil soup (we all know i'm a fan of the veg barley!!) and it was sooooooooooo delicious! amy's never fails me. on the side i had a piece of flax toast with (drumroll pleasssseee...) PUMPKIN BUTTER! yes my loves, i FINALLY got my hands on some! it is sooo hard to find pumpkin butter without hfcs, but i finally found some at fresh market!


i had another o face when i had my bed time snack...

a deep chocolate vitamuffin :) nom nom! i had a quiet friday night at home with ollie watching scary movies- doesn't get much better!

saturday was a HoT and HuMiD halloween in florida! there were sooo many warnings on the local news to make sure and not overdress your children in their costumes because there was a chance they could get heat stroke. poor kids. i'm so over this weather. is it possible to be sick of the SUN?!? i would killllllll for a dreary, cold day! asap PLEASE!

since i knew i wasn't dressing up that night (i was the only one at my house so i had to hand out candy- no partying pour moi), i decided to semi-dress up for work. i put together a sorry attempt at a rhianna-ish outfit (current elliot cloud wash jeans, forever poufy shoulder top, chanel cuff, balenciaga heels).

don't laugh- i know, i'm white.

saturday morning was fairly quiet at work so obviously i ate my morning snack out of boredum...

love me some LUNA! i also had some crack- aka COTTAGE CHEESE.

i seriously could live on this stuff. and yes, i am eating it straight out of the container- i'm just classy like that.

i had packed a yummy lunch (aka pb&j), but forgot it at home. i don't function properly in the morning. i scoured the menu folder at work and decided i would treat myself (as it was halloween and diabetics shouldn't have candy). egg salad and a diet pepsi :)

holy moly- this ROCKED!
ollie (the pumpkin weenie) and i only had ONE tricker treater! okay well we may have had a few more but after the first i was over it and left out the bowl on the "honor system". when i removed it later that night there wasn't much missing. ugh- i don't want that many almond snickers lying around my house! ollie quickly pooped out...

please excuse his yucky looking manly parts. we need to get those taken care of.

jon and i decided to go see saw vi, so i whipped up a quick mug of pumpkin oats (with pumpkin buttttter!!!).

no measurements for this one- i just threw it all together. YUMMM!

the movie wasn't too "scary", but it was insanely GRUESOME!! the perfect way to end our halloween night. okay i also may have ended the night with one too many snickers. bad bad diabetic. needless to say i wasn't feeling to well in the middle of the night.
yesterday was the best day off i'd had in a long time. jon and i slept in (yay!) and then met friends at the beach club for lunch and pool time. another hot and sunny day. for lunch i had a whitney cobb salad with spinach, carrots, cukes, chicken, egg, bacon (couldn't resist), and toms with a sherry dressing. twas delish.

after about an hour or so by the pool we decided to go out on our friend sam's boat and go fishing! i haven't been boating in forever! i forgot how much i loved it! we spent the afternoon and into the evening on the river. it was GORG out! the sunset was beautifulllllll :)

we got in from the boat around 8 and headed to jon's parents for dinner- pork chops, salad with fresh shredded beets, and a sweet potato. another fabulous meal. i was STUFFED. with lots of bad eating and no gym this weekend, i feel gross. time to get back on track.

well, it's monday again- ugh. oh well, at least GOSSIP GIRL is on tonight :) back to work. ta ta lovies.


  1. can we switch places, you can come to MI for cold and dreary weather and i can come to florida for hottness and sun!? hehe! looks like a real relaxing weekend, me like! That deep chocolate vita seriously makes my mouth water, i miss my vitas! have a great monday my dear!

  2. girrrrl you and me...cottage cheese, I go through SO much of the stuff, I could easily eat a whole tub and eat it straight up like that all too often! so happy I found another lovahh of the stuff!

    the ocean looks beautifu, as does your pumpkin oats :)

  3. I LOVE chocolate Vitamuffins too! And pumpkin butter....mmm! I can't believe it was that hot on Halloween, it POURED on the NYC Halloween parade...walking around in heels was not fun! So jealous you live by the water, those pics are gorgeous!

    BTW, if you can't find any gingerbread Clifs, I'd be happy to send you some! Drop me an email if you want :) Enjoy the rest of your day!

  4. It finally stopped raining herein Texas, now it's nice Fall weather. love the outfit! What did you dress as for Halloween?

  5. thank you for visiting my blog! i admire your love for health food, i wish i was more like you. haha

  6. MMMM! I'm a Luna loverrr too!

    I love those Dr. Kracker flatbreadS! :D

  7. Girl, I LOVE ya! You're such a sassy thing. Check you out shoppin'. hehehe

  8. Looooove the sunset pics!! SOO GORGEOUS! I can't believe you had a heat stroke advisory for the little kids on halloween... we were lucky that it was even above 50 that night up here in CT!

    Mmmm deep chocolate vitatops...I would kill for one of those right now... oh wait, I have them... and i'm pretty sure I'm gonna have one now... Gahhh Whitney you're such a bad influence haha

  9. Trader Joe's sells pumpkin butter and I'm pretty sure its without the use of HFCS! I've been dying to get my hands on it but I always forget once I'm actually in the store. Haha.

  10. What a beautiful night to go on the boat!

    Um, I guess I am classy too because I eat my cottage cheese out of the container - but I splash each spoonful with Tabasco!

  11. I am obsessed with Amy's Lentil soup - so delicous & filling.
    gorgeous pictures!


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