September 29, 2009


so yesterday's lunch was a classic, and my fav...

grilled cheese with tomato on w/w- OMG YUM!!! along side my samme, i had a DIET PEPSI! it has been foreverrr since ive had soda, but it was the perfecttt sidekick to a gc :)

i know i planned on eating my chobani in the morning, but i decided to save it as my afternoon delight...

strawberry chobani with udi's original granola, sliced almonds, and a few naner slices. mmmmmmmmmm. SOOOO delish! i loved the slight sweetness of this flavor- very natural tasting. thanks again chobani- i can't wait to try the rest of the flavors :D

after work i hit the gym (via tj maxx and publix) for 35 min on elliptical and 30 on bike- a much needed sweat session.

i rushed home for dancing with the stars (the first half) and gossip girl! dinner was a salad- shredded lettuce, shredded broccoli, whole broccoli, chickpeas, shredded carrots, and red cabbage.

i know the picture looks like a pile of mush- but it was absolutely amazing! i also had a slice of California complete protein toast with blackberry preserves.

welllllll, one slice turned into TWO :) nom nom.

dancing was ehhhh and gossip girl was definitely the best episode thus far this season. BUT- what is up with serena's rats nest on her head? her hair has been looking allllll kinds of funky lately. and georgina was look nast, as usual. chuck, on the other hand, was divineeeeee. sigggghhhhh :)

i've spent all morning and early afternoon being a busy bee at work. around 1ish my tummy was in definite need of foooood. obviouslyyy i pulled a chobani out of the fridge- pomegranate this time. i topped it with udi's, sliced alms, and a few naner slices (same as yesterday)...

this flavor was a tad bit sweeter than the strawberry, but it was absolutely DELICIOUS! i love that there are actual whole pom seeds in the yogurt for added antioxidants :) publix in my area NEEDS to get this flavor (help me out here chobani ;)).

i am currently nibbling on an oatmeal blueberry muffin (made with splenda and smart balance) that i picked up this morning when i got my iced coffee.

it's not bad actually...a little dry and not too much flavor, but i kind of like it. i know, i'm weird.
okay, back to work...gym at 530 and then home for 90210, THE HILLS, and THE CITY! OMG OMG heart palpitations- SOOOO excited. i gotta feelin- that tonight's gonna be a GOOD night :) ciao!
ps- wanted to let you lovies know about some current giveaways...

September 28, 2009

back to the grind

okay sorry i have been mia- i was sick all weekend :( i even called in sick on saturday- that's how bad i felt- yuck!!! i'm not sure what was wrong with me but i felt soooo exhausted and my muscles ached and i barely could move. i hateee being sick- being in bed all day makes me feel worse! its so depressing. blah.

needless to say i didn't eat much all weekend and have very few pics to post, but ill make do with what i do have :)

for lunch friday (around 3), i had a veggie wrap- typical.

after work friday i hit the gym like i normally would, but after 30 min on the bike i felt like i was going to pass out. i was sooo dizzy and weak- it freaked me out. i headed home and napped until like 830/9ish and then decided that i haddddd to eat something. i couldn't think of anything that sounded good (my stomach was being a little weird as well), so i decided on waffles! van's blueberry waffles with sf maple syrup.

it actually tasted delish and hit the spot- perfection :) i passed out right after eating and was gone for the night...

i woke up on saturday feeling just as weak (if not worse) than the night before. i knew i would never be able to make it to work, so i called in sick- i hateeeeeeeeee doing that! i hate missing work! ugh i did not get out of bed until like 5 that day, ewww. jon suprised me with flowers in hopes of making me feel better...

i died when i saw that they said "hot princess" on them!!! totally describes me to a T ;) haha they did bring a big smile to my face- go jon!

around 7 i was actually a little bit hungry so i decided that oatmeal would be easy on my stomach. i downed 2 packs of instant oatmeal with ff milk and sf syrup.

even the kitten was trying to get in on the deal...

i had a little bit of energy after i ate so i decided that i needed to make my bed...

ollie and the kitten were NO help at all...
i took it easy for the rest of the night and tried to get better!
yesterday i slept in until 1030 (!!!!!!!!!)- clearly a sign that i didn't feel well. i knew that i had to sometime go to tampa to pick up my mom (who has been staying at her boyfriends for 2 weeks- she likes me to drop her off and pick her up there because she says its muchhhh cheaper for her to be there that way- aka she can't go shopping while j is at work! ha like mother like daughter). i downed some coffee and headed out the door- i mean all i have to do is sit in my car for 2.5 hours and pay attention to the road. it was actually uber exhausting but also relaxing. i stayed in tampa for about 4 hours- ate a little bit of food (j made a meannnn blt) and went to a friends boutique in st. pete beach. this store was amazinggg and she was nice enough to give me 3 new calypso topsssss :) they will def be making an appearance on the blog very soon! got back at 11 last night and hit the sack.
today i am feeling MUCH better and have most of my energy back- yay! currently at work- about to open a strawberry chobani :) ta ta.

September 25, 2009

miso happy its friday

so after i packed my fridge full of my samples from chobani (yayy!), i headed out to a local sushi bar to meet coop for dinner. i started off with a small bowl of miso soup...

and for my main dish i got a tuna roll with cream cheese and avocado (wrapped in cuke instead of rice).

wow, i seriously think i have a future in photography ;) anyways it was so cold & fresh and totally hit the spot- sushi always does!

after dinner i went home and lounged for a bit and then decided to take a quick 2 mile bridge run just to relax and collect my thoughts. it felt great, but it was extremellyyyy hot and humid (yuckk!). i was a sweaty mess (to put it nicely!). i may or may not have popped a few chocolate covered pretzels in my mouth on my way home...

i am currently at work snacking on a golden delicious apple with some pb&co maple peanut butter. mmmmmm...

soo happy that it's friday. definitely think tonight is going to be a movie night!!

have a great afternoon mon amis. ta ta.

September 24, 2009

go greek

SOOOOO excited right now :) just wanted to post a quick THANKS to Chobani for this amazing package i received.

obviously you will be seeing me eating a lotttt of this in the next few days! yum! i cannot wait to try them all and let you know what i think. i'm sure i will not be disappointed :)

grilled cheese pleaseeeeee

so i guess i'll pick up where i left off...

i didn't end up going to the gym after work on tuesday- i felt strange and yucky. totally exhausted and i just didn't feel up to exerting any energy. i rested for a bit (with ollie) and felt a lot better after laying down.

ol makes everything better :)...once jon got home we headed to publix to figure out what to do for dinner. we both decided one GRILLED CHEESE :) we picked up three different kinds of boars head cheese from the deli, a little bit of their new tuscan turkey, organic california protein bread, and a few other goodies (udi's granola, chobani, a naner, kashi carribean pizza, etc). jon's sammie consisted of turkey & monteray jack with jalps and mine consisted of mj w/ jalps, vermont cheddar, avocado, and tomato. grilled them on the panini press for a few and voila!

heavenlyyyyyyyy! nothing hits the spot like a g.c. :)

yesterday was my DAY OFF- they are alwaysss insanely busy (hence my lack of posting). i started off the morning with a nice, long walk with annie and then a much needed trip to the gym. on my way i had a peach chobani...

i had never had one of these plain (as in with no added fruit or cereal), and it was kind of blahhh. VERY thin and not as thick as i like for a greek yog. i will def still eat them, but with added goodies!

i spent the early afternoon doing housework- sweeping, mopping, laundry, etc. YUCK! around 3 i decided i better eat lunch because my tummy was feeling kind of empty. i had a tuscan turkey and horseradish cheddar sandwich with tomatoes on a 5 grain flax flat out. grilled, obvi.

i continued being productive around the house and started to clean out my closet (a little). i brought a few bagsss full of stuff to goodwill (my good deed of the day!!).

once jon got off work, we took a nice bike ride. after about 35min it started to rain (typical florida), so we headed home. we ended up running more errands all evening (walmart- ewww) and didn't get home until 10! my stomach had surpassed being hungry but i knew that i should eat something before i went to bed. i had a tiny serving of pasta with bolognese sauce that jon's mom had made and some broccoli (no pic, too late). twas delish, but not a good choice for such a lateeee din. i woke up with a food baby, obvi :(

i hit the gym this morning before work. i am beginning to love working out in the morning because it gives me so much time to do things after work :) i did 30 min on bike, 15 on elliptical, and 15 strength. i also squeezed in a tonn of crunches. my abs are already sorrrreeee.

when i got to work i was actually hungry (which is weird for me because i am usually not hungry before noon). i had a mug full of cottage cheese, half of a sliced naner, and some sliced almonds. i LOVEEEEE this combo!

around 2 i decided to have some lunch. my tummy has been feeling a little funny this morning (i am on a new diabetes med and i think that has something to do with it), so i wasn't sure what i wanted to eat. i decided to walk down to cravings and got a classic- ham, egg, and cheddar on a w/w low carb wrap.

i felt like a little kid again! sooo nummy :)
back to work. ta ta!

September 22, 2009

any nutty ideas?

so i forgot to mention that yesterday health savvy shopaholic got some awesome mail :) i had been in contact with amy's and although they do not send samples, they sent me tons of coupons! love their stuff :) thanks amy's!

i had planned working out this morning before work, but didn't get a very good nights sleep so i passed on that. at one point i woke up and my head was at the foot of the bed and my feet were at the head. what was i doing in my sleep? haha.

obviously i had an iced coffee on my way to work (7-11 is my new FAV!!!). around noon i decided i was hungry so i ran home and picked up the lunch that i had made this morning (but forgotten to grab on my way out the door- ugh). it was a sammie (on a 5 grain flax flat out) with whipped cottage cheese, almond butter, chia seeds, and fresh peach slices.

i had never made this combo before...and will not make it again. yuck! it would have been delish with some other fruit like banana. the peaches were just too ripe and juicy so it was messy and soggy. blahhhh. i barely ate any of it. i also had brought something else new to try- cinnamon banana chips.

another disappointment :( i had picked these up the other day at publix because they sounded like the perfect snack- the only ingredients were banana and cinnamon, and only 90 calories per bag. unfortunately, they were way to sweet for my taste and i only managed to down 1 and a half of them. booooo.

at this point, i was now starvingggg. good think i had some goodies stashed in the fridge at work.

an African red navel orange (sooooo good) and a cottage cheese cup. this hit the spot :) i guess i should just still to simpler things...

only 15 minutes of work left and then im off to the gym. 90210 tonightttttt! woo hoo! au revoir mon amis :)

question- i have some butternut squash in the fridge that i need to use asap- anyone have any good recipes/ideas?

September 21, 2009

good girls go bad

test over...and i think i did really well- yay :)

so the red carpet last night was kind of a disappointment- let's just say there were more fashion "donts" than "dos"...i could literally sit here and show pictures of millions of stars in their dresses and critique them, BUT i am just going to show you my absolute favorite...

toni collette looked absolutely STUNNING last night in this red number. i was literally drooling over it. and, she took home a win! so congrats toni :)

okay so after i was done with red carpet madness i decided to pop in one of my new kashi pizzas in the over for a quick and easy dinner. 9 minutes later...

this Mediterranean Pizza was absolutely DELISH! it had spinach, fire-roasted red onions & sweet red peppers, four signature cheeses including feta with roasted red pepper sauce on a stone-fired Kashi Seven Whole Grains & Sesame with flax seed crust. it was quite small and i cut it into 8 tiny slices. i ate 3 and was completely satisfied. jon (who chose bagel bites instead) had a slice and actually really liked it! this musttt mean its good :)

i had to dog sit again last night so i brought a movie along to keep me entertained- sunshine cleaning with amy adams and emily blunt. LOVED it. so funny! a little bit miss sunshine-ish. i had a small bowl of smart balance popcorn while watching.

this morning jon had to work early so i decided i may as well get up early to and gym it. i actually reallllllly liked getting my workout out of the way in the morning! i did 25 min on bike and 20 on treadmill- then it was home to shower and off to work (and an iced coffee along the way). for lunch i got a typical veggie wrap- no pic, it was gone too quickly :) i had my test after work and got home around 830ish. coop (my bro) was getting take out from a local mexican restaurant, so i had him get me a dinner salad- shredded lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and sunflower seeds (i asked to add avocados, but they forgot! boo you whore!). i also threw a little bit of salsa on top!

in addition to my salad, i had 3 leftover slices of pizza from last night. perfection.

then i drowned myself in gossip usual monday night activity. tonight's ep was muchhh better than last week. serena is really going downhill this season- i used to like, not so much. and come on, did they really have to play blair's song (well leighton's, "good girls go bad") like a zillion times when she was on the screen? totally LAME. i still love chuck. that will never change :)

off to hang with annie (the dog i am sitting). nighty night.


this is going to be quick. not much time to post today because i have a huge test tonight and have spent all day studying :( YUCK! anyways i will resume my normal posting tonight but just wanted to let everyone know about a sweet little giveaway going on right now :)

Missy at Missy Maintains is doing a Zevia giveaway...

According to their website, ZEVIA is the first all natural zero calorie soda. With only pure ingredients, ZEVIA contains none of the chemically processed artificial sugar substitutes, artificial flavors or artificial colors found in other diet sodas. ZEVIA is all-natural, has zero calories, zero net carbs, zero fat, and little or no sodium (depending on flavor).

All six delicious ZEVIA varieties - ZEVIA Natural Cola, ZEVIA Natural Orange, ZEVIA Natural Twist, ZEVIA Natural Root Beer, ZEVIA Natural Black Cherry, and ZEVIA Natural Ginger Ale - are healthier and taste better than any other diet soda.

Good Luck :)

September 20, 2009

weekend recap

hmm, so where did i leave off?? okay so friday afternoon i decided to whip up some pumpkin oatmeal for lunch- 2 packets instant plain oatmeal, pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, sf maple syrup, and half a banana...


after work friday i hit up the gym and did 30 min on the bike and 15 min of hardcore strength (i had limited time because i had to make it to a movie). it felt awesome and my arms killed my when i woke up yesterday- love that feeling (i know, totally weird). so i met my friend jess for a movie and we picked up sandwiches on the way. i had a "monte carlo" on a pita (they were out of whole wheat, boooo)- turkey, bacon, melted swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers, s&p, and oregano. SO amazing. no pic- we ate them in the theatre and twas quite dark, obvi. i also may or may not have had a handful of plain m&m's. we saw "love happens"- i was a little apprehensive because jen aniston is NOT my fav- but it was surprisingly ADORABLE! i loved it!

yesterday was another typical day at work. def started the morning off with this-

for lunch i tried blueberry chobani and added fresh bluebs and fresh peaches. soooo yummy!!!

oh you know, just charlize and i lunching together. very typical.

ol came by to hang for a bit, and worked hard as usual...

for dinner i went to jon's parents house to celebrate his mom's bday. it was quite an eventful evening, but im not going to go into that. for dinner i had a few bites of ribs, LOTS o' yellow squash & zucchini, a small scoop of potato salad, a half of a grilled corn on the cob, and a small piece of peach cake for dessert. i was STUFFED, and am so glad i only had had a yogurt that day so that i had room for all of the yummy food. unfortunately when i got home i was hungry again (grrr) and had some parmesan goldfish :)

this morning was quiteee hectic. two of the kitties got adopted this morning...
there are extremely difficult to photograph- they move a mile a minute!!! they got adopted by the same family and are going to have an awesome home :) yay! now we only have the grey one left and i am hoping to convince my grammy to take it! hehe...

after that sad send off (what can i say, im emotional haa)...i had a yummy brunch- two van's blueberry waffles with fresh bluebs and sf maple syrup.

i hit up the gym (via tj maxx because i needed a quick new pair of headphones- i also may have ended up with a candle and two tops...s**ttttt!). 35 min bike, 25 (awesome) min on the treadmill, and 15 of strength. i feellll GREAT :) on my way home i ran into publix to get some more peaches and a naner, and saw that all frozen kashi products were HALF OFF, so i grabbed two pizzas and a new dinner dish. i can neverrr pass up a sale!

when i got home i was starving, so i whipped up a post-workout snack-

cottage cheese (from the brunch pic, i never ended up eating it then) with almonds and half a banana- my fav :)

off to watch the red carpet of the emmys...

September 18, 2009

sex with a shoe

phewwww, this morning has been a whirlwind! i head to work and pick up my usual iced coffee and a muffin for later. around 11ish i was hungry and decided to chow down on the muffin.

it was another one of those flourless, sugarless "muffins" that i had had yesterday. this one was "raspberry delight"- raspberries, blueberries, & zucchini. another winner! the consistency is interesting- it's almonst a little gooey in the middle (must be the lack of flour). i am one of those weirdos that loves some things a little underdone- ie, pancakes that aren't cooked all the way through so some of the batter is still raw in the middle. YUM!

when i was finished i continued browsing through the instyle mag that i hadn't finished reading yesterday. THEN- xmas came early when SaNtA (aka the ups driver) brought me NINE boxes of goodies- tory burch, ralph lauren, and emilio pucci. AHHHH all to die for! check out some of the new rl purple label boots-

and these gorgeous new purple label heels-

holy poo- i've been having shoegasms alllllll afternoon :) doesn't get much better than this!

still not hungry for lunch. back to project runway re-runs. ta ta lovies.

September 17, 2009

goodnight moon

i left work and headed to publix to grab a few groceries...
half a butternut squash, two tomatoes, blueberry chobani, whipped cottage cheese, 5 grain flax flatouts, and the NEW spinach and artichoke hummus (YAAAYY!). i ran home to put away my groceries and get ready to go to the gym. i had a quick pre-workout snack-

a slice of w/w bread with skippy's natural pb. i headed to the gym (via dunkin's for an iced coffee). 1 hour later i felt aweomse- thanks to 30 min on bike, 15 on treadmill, & 15 on elliptical. after my one week hiatus from the gym, i was moreee than happy to be back :D

when i got home i decided to do some laundry, unload/load the dishwasher, etc etc. clearly i lost track of time because before i knew it, it was 830pm! i had to think quickly regarding dinner- i decided to roast some brussel sprouts (my fav!) and throw two morningstar ginger teriyaki veggie cakes in a skillet. these are a new morning start product that i picked up at publix a few days ago and have been eager to try. they have sticky rice, carrots, water chesnuts, bok chy, edamame, and ginger & teriyaki in them (and now that i am actually reading all of the ingredients, there is a lot of junk- i may not get these again). i also added some shredded carrots to the plate and my new hummus on the side...

the cakes look a little burnt in the pic, but i swear they weren't ;) the dinner turned out perfectly and i ate everything except one cake- i didn't think they were going to be as filling as they were. i had a half of a peach for dessert and now i'm ready for beddddd. ollie and i are off to spoon.

goodnight moon.

how bazaar?

so a mere 2 hours after complaining about my burger baby, i ate ICE CREAM! wtf is wrong with me? it was black raspberry chip (MY FAV!)- how could i say no? and it was only a tiny bit...i swear! i didn't take a pic- that means it didn't happen, right? no evidence, ha!

this morning i was up early, or earlier than usual i should say, because i had a doc's appt. no worries- just my regular diabetes check-up. apparantly i have lost 7 lbs (i don't like to talk numbers on here, but this just suprised me) since my last appt 4 months ago. i feel like i've gained 7 though- maybe muscle? hmm this just stumped me. oh well, no complaints.

i ran around and did some errands (you know, hit up the bank to check on my trust fund. i wish. more like to check on my overdrafts.) and then headed to work- via cravings for an iced coffee...i spent the morning reviewing the tory burch runway show for our spring '10 order.

umm HELLO- how BOMB are these looks?!? oh hold on, my closet's calling- it says it NEEDS that studded leather skirt in it! NOW! i also looked over proenza, templerly, malandrino, and phillip lim. to dieeeee for. this put a hugeeeeee smile on my face for the morning :D except...

the fact that catherine malandrino thought it was a good idea to put a dropped crotch in like allllll of her looks. sorry, but looking like you have a load in your pants or are wearing a huge depends diaper is NOT a flattering look- on anyone (even models)!
okay so enough of that- around noon i decided that i was semi-hungry and nibbled on the wild blueberry orange zest "muffin" that i picked up at cravings this morning. it's one of those creations that have no flour or sugar- sounds yucky, but it was actually AWESOME!

so "nibbling" turned into sTuFFinG the whole thing down my throat- yay! happiness :)

i've kept myself busy this afternoon and decided to have my "lunch" at close to 3. peach chobani w/ fresh peach, fresh blueberries, and half a bag of blueberry flax granola to go.

oh and how perfect that bazaar and instyle were delivered into my hands right as i decided to eat lunch. ahhhh GREAT day :)
off to finish reading the "bibles" (see above). ta ta for now.
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