August 31, 2009

the whitney olive project

so i decided against another microwaveable lunch (sorry annie's) and my fab boss offered to run out and get us hooked on subs (the BEST ever!!). she had a tuna melt and i had a roast turket and provolone salad with shredded lettuce (my all time fav), carrots, tomato, cukes, hot peppers, s&p, oregano, and vinegar. YUMMMMMMMMMM! hit the spot. arianne (the fab boss) also brought me a suprise dessert- a small vanilla fro yo with granola! even more YUMMMMMMM! def made my day :)
we've been getting a lot of work done and the store today- yay! i love feeling productive. i tried on a pair of current elliott jeans that i've been dying for...and now that i tried them on, i am dying for them EVEN MORE! ahh!
here's a pic of them i found on net-a-porter- what do you think? i love that they keep the stud detail simple- the back of the jeans is plain. and hello- those balmain boots?!? sooo bomb! dear santa.....ha!
well i'm off to the gym after work and then home to make dinner. i found a recipe for a grilled mediterranean portabello burger that i want to try- that may be too much effort for me tonight though. i mean hellooooo after a days work and a workout- who the heck wants to have to go grocery shopping (i have very few of the ingred's at home), make dinner and then clean up? not moi, that's for sure. we'll see how the evening goes.
ps- the rachel zoe project at 10pm- YESSSS :)

monday funday??

yesterday's workout was exactly what i needed- i left the gym feeling AWESOME. 45 min on bike, 15 min of high incline on the treadmill, and 20 min of strength. i was a sweaty mess! after the gym i had to run to radio shack to get a memory card for my bberry and some guy started hitting on me- i guess sweatyness is a good look for me! HA! yuck. i spent the late afternoon and evening at my grammy's- trying to liven her up a little. i brought the kitties with me to visit her (i'm trying to get her to keep one and i think it's working!!!). being the nice granddaughter that i am i offered to make her dinner- scrambled eggs and an english muff with marmalade. i thought she needed a change from her typical fetticini alfredo lean cuisine that she usually eats. i didn't end up getting home until 830 and could not decide what to make for dinner. my original plan was quinoa topped with red beans & a little bit of shredded cheese with a salad on the side, but it was too late to put all that together. progresso tuscan chicken soup was the easy way out. this is a new kind that they offer as having "HIGH FIBER", and it was actually delish! it had tons of white beans- which i love! i had a piece of toast on the side and was stuffedddd by the time i finished it. no picture- i forgot.

haven't eaten yet this morning- brought a peach and an amy's pocket sandwich for lunch. okay must get back to work- we're redoing our website, so check it out- - well actually give us about a week, and thennnn check it out :) ta ta.

August 30, 2009

peachy keen

yay for sundays :) i just love my day off- but SO much to do! woke up this morning, walked and fed annie, hung out with her until lunch time, and then headed back to my house. on the way home i stopped at fresh market (we FINALLY got one in vero- it just opened on wed). i picked up 4 peaches, 2 white peaches, bag full of green beans, red leaf lettuce, and some cindi's salad dressing. then i hit up dunkin d's of course- got a coffee for mom, a large iced for me, and the bf got a vanilla creme donut (it's sunday so i let it slide ha). i wasn't hungry until 1ish and made an awesome brunch. my concoction included:
  • cabots plain greek yogurt
  • flax seed
  • tiny bit of agave nectar
  • nature's path flax maple pecan cereal (total YUM!)
  • sliced almonds
  • half a peach (they are AWESOME right now)

finished product
it rocked. i def gave ollie and cabo a bite of the yogurt too (i'm a sucker). okay, off to the gym. ta ta for now.

August 29, 2009

my name in bright lights

finally got hungry around 1:30. the bf happened to be here for a visit so i had him run down to cravings (a little ice cream cafe down the street). my stomach was feeling a little funny so i kept it simple- whole wheat toast, fruit cup, and iced coffee w/ a tinyyy bit of skim. the toast was extremely think, but soo delish. by the time i finished it, i had no room for the fruit cup. guess that will be my late afternoon snack. my tummy feels better now too- guess i needed a little something in there.

5 o'clock can't come soon enough- this rainy weather is making me extremely sleepy. it also hinders the customer traffic :( on a good note, this helped me catch up on episodes of "khloe and kourtney take miami" that i had missed. love it. i feel like i would fit right in with that family- i could be the long lost fair-skinned blonde sistaahhhh! i really think i need to be on a reality show- preferably my own (if the kardash's wont have me). i just know it's my calling.

back to work...ta ta for now.

love affair with a bag

this morning came way too quickly. i literally felt like i had just dozed off when my alarm went off. i walked annie (the dog i'm sitting for) and fed her breakfast and was off to my own house to get ready for work. i lounged around for a while with ollie and the kitties and caught up on a few hamptons mags (my fav). i spent hours last night on balenciaga (prob the reason why i am so tired this morning) eyeing bags that i'm lusting after. why did God give me this problem? why can't i want NOTHING? we all know that will never be me so no use worrying about why i am the way i am. i decided that the giant city bag is the one. ha who i am kidding i am certainly not in the financial position to get it now- i need to start playing powerball i guess...and it doesn't help that i also want a ysl croc muse two bag, a ysl studded satchel, andddd a prada brief case bag. too bad they don't offer shopaholics anon around my neck of the woods. meet my next lover- the turq giant city bag...

at $1695, i am only $1694 away from it. sighhhhhhh. maybe i should give up food for a while and save all the money for it. yesss, then i will be uber skinny AND have (another) hot bag on my arm...although my arm will probably be a stick by then. YESSSSS!

anyways, threw on a tory b dress and jack rogers and was out the door to work. where i am now. it's rainy and slow so im wasting my time away on net-a-porter. okay i need to get off the computer now and stop looking at things that i cannot afford at the moment (damn this economy). still haven't eaten yet today. will let you know when i do.

ps- happy birthday michael jackson :)

August 28, 2009


so after work i came home and vegged for a while. ol and i needed some mother/son time :) unfortunately this caused me to snack (my worstttt habit) and i had a small bag of choc. chip animal crackers. they were amazing :) so worth it. i finally got my butt up around 645 and headed to the gym. i did 30 tough minutes on the bike and then 15 on the treadmill (totally forgot that the gym closed at 8 on friday so they kind of shooed me out the door). i was watching e! news at the gym (obvi) and found out that dj am died :( soooooo sad. his family and friends are in my prayers.

i had no idea what to throw together for dinner tonight. i was originally thinking chopped salad, but i've had that three nights in a row so it was def time for a break. when i walked in from the gym my mom was making soft boiled eggs and i decided to join. we made egg n' toast bowls- scoop eggs from shell, chop them up in bowl, then mix in bread pieces and a little s & p. the bread soaks up the yolk and it gets all mushy- it was AHHHHH-MAZING.

the picture does not do this yumminess justice- camera phone pics never do. i really need to get my camera up and running- def putting that on the agenda for sunday. anyways im off to a dog-sitting job. got to make that monaayyyy honnnaayyy :) night.

lean machineeee

i am usually very skeptical of products such as lean cuisine, and try to stay away from anything that is cooked in a microwave. however, i've been at the store alone a lot lately (it's slow season for us), so i don't get to go out and grab lunch. it's always nice to have something in the freezer just to grab on my way out the door when im rushing and don't have time to make anything. i did a quick grocery shopping when i got back from vacay and grabbed a few of the lc breakfast paninis. i usually try to stear clear of the ones with meat in them (microwaved meat? total EW!), but the tiny bits (and i mean tiny) of ham and sausage in these didn't turn me away.

today i had the "denver-style" panini which consisted of scrambled egg whites, honey ham, peppers (green & red), onions, and cheddar cheese sauce (this made me never, i despise cheese "sauces") on parmesan-flavored multigrain bread. the verdict: pretty freakin' good for a 280 calorie, 8g fat, 5g fiber, $2.50 lunch! i'd def try these again. i bought a sausage kind as well that is sitting in my freezer, so i will def bring that out on another hectic morning.
my mom brought ollie by for a visit at lunch time :) no better way to eat my lunch than with my son at my side (he managed to snag a tiny cube of ham that fell out of the sammie)! i planned on eating a banana with lunch for my daily potassium, but ended up being totally full after the panini so i passed. i will probably snack on the naner before the gym later. just watched the rachel zoe project (LOVE LOVE LOVE that show). LOVE having a tv at my store for times when it is quiet. okay real housewives of atl is on now, im off...

ps- tgif :) what are everyone's plans for the weekend?

20 days in a nutshell

okay so i have been terrible about blogging lately- life has been uber busy. i am going to sum up the past 20 days (my last post was on the 8th) as quickly and painlessly as possible :) my birthday was the 9th- i'm 24? ahhh that's frightening. i had an amazing day- lunch at the club, laid by the pool, dinner w/ fam & friends, AND...the bf got me the best gift ever! the gorg turquoise chanel wallet i had been eyeing- yes, he is a gem. be jeal :) on a sad note, we lost one of the kittens on the morning of the 12th :( little blackey is now an angel in heaven. we're not sure what happened. she just didn't wake up. i cried for hours, but it was out of my control and i have to remember she is watching over us now. okay i can't talk about it- on to happier times. on the 13th momma sue and i headed to vermont to my god sister's wedding- holy wow, it was incredible! i had never been to manchester- i feel in love. what an adorable little town. and to my suprise it was an "outlet town"- the whole town was filled with designer outlets! got an awesome dress and classy pair of high waisted shorts at burberry, a few things at lily, and a gorg dress at RL. yay! the wedding was breathtaking. it was at abe lincoln's son Todd's mansion (called hildene). BEAUTIFUL! food was awesome. dancing was funnnnn (band was amazing- they played at caroline kennedy's wedding!!!). saw old friends, made new ones. best wedding i've been to thus far in my life. on the 17th we headed to the HAMPTONS (where i am from) and we're there for a week- def not long enough, but i had to get back to work. trip ROCKED! mingled with the likes of seinfeld, paul mccartney, some hiltons. even got a glimpse of sjp's twins! (will post pics of trip soon- i know i know, i am world's slowest uploader). shopped A LOT, but only bought a little (trying to behave, remember). got an amazinggg jumpsuit at emma cain- it's lovee. few new pairs of shoes (lots of jack r's, michael kors pumps, tory flats). a lamptons tee at blue & cream. a few beauty products here and there. gifts for the bro and the bf. i think that's about it. i tried to be on my best behavior, for my bank accounts sake. i did see an amazingggg navy prada bag that i was drooling over, but college tuition is more important (i keep telling myself that). okay so now i'm back to my regular life. working all day. gyming it up (i love how i packed my gym clothes to bring on vacay yet never saw them until i was unpacking at home. who has time to excercise on vacay? although, shopping is a good workout- ha). eating. sleeping. etc etc. hopefully i will be keeping up with my blogs from now on. i really enjoy putting my life out there for everyone to enjoy (hopefully, ha.).

i ate pretty well on vacation. i usually eat a lot less than i do at home because i am so busy running around socializing (and shopping). the food i did eat though was AMAZING. the north just knows how to do healthy food right. i'm getting back to my normal schedule now, although i haven't been uber hungry lately. today i didn't have breakfast (as most of you have noticed, or will see, i'm not a huge morning eater. breakfast foods are my FAV, just not at breakfast time). i am currently sipping on coffee (i'm getting back to my coffee habit. but now i'm doing half reg half decaf) and had a few pb filled pretzels at about 11. i brought a lean cuisine breakfast panini for lunch so i'll prob chow down in a few hours. ta ta for now.

ps- anyone have any fab tempeh recipes? i've been dying to try it, but need some ideas...

August 8, 2009

it's almost the best day of the year...

last night's workout was exactly what i needed to relax and clear my head before the weekend. i did 15 min warm up on bike, 30 min on treadmill (run/jog/walk), 20 min on the elliptical (high incline/high resistance), and 20 min of strength (half arms/half legs). it felt amazing :) then the bf and i had to rush to babysit his niece- she was already asleep when we got there, so we had a nice, low-key couple of hours to just lay around on the couch. we ate dinner (i had a salad w/ corn relish, tomatoes, tiny bit of cheese, avocado, and salsa- yum) and watched obsessed. love that movie- allie larter really plays that seductive slut part well. by the time we got home it was 1:30 and i hopped in the shower and then passssssssed out. i didn't wake up until 9:15 this morning!!!! i rushed around getting ready for work and was here by 9:50- perfect timing. i skipped breakfast, as usual, and had a blt wrap for lunch at about 1- totally not what i SHOULD have ordered, but it was amazing and def hit the spot. i will just have to do some extra time at the gym tonight :) i'm so excited it is saturday- 5 oclock can't come soon enough! tomorrow is my beloved day off and it is BIRTHDAY! best day of the year :) i don't have any plans yet but i like it that way. perhaps lunch and shopping in palm beach? who knows...ttfn.

August 6, 2009


okay so people are really bugging me these days...and by people i mean lame customers that come into my store wanting me to think that they are God's gift to this world. wow, you drive what? a RANGE ROVER? you're life must be pretty amazing, because nobody else drives those. i mean come on ladies, 16 old public schoolers in this town have nicer RR's than you. nice try. oh what? you spent the summer where? EUROPE? that is just unbelieveable! you must be veryyyyy special. wait, you want what? for me to give you these amazing brand new designer platforms at a discounted price? I DON'T THINK SO CHEAP-O's! please take your pathetic selves to someone who will actually pay attention and bargain with you- perhaps a YARD SALE...

sorry for the rant, but it is just getting ridiculous. I am the one that is God's gift...not YOU.

August 3, 2009

is it really only monday?

so my hardcore workout at the gym turned into a total of 30 min (20 on treadmill, 10 on elliptical) because i had low blood sugar- ughh i hate when that happens! i was really in the mood to be at the gym for like at least 2 hours. so i got home and had a pick me up of puffed rice cereal with almond milk- oh so yummy!! then my mom invited me to dinner with she and her friends so of course i said yes to a free meal. we went to a place called dockside which is casual dining on the river (burgers, salads, steaks, etc). our waitress was driving me crazy. she didn't really know about the menu and had to keep looking at her pad when telling us about the specials- sooo unprofessional...blah i was turned off at that point. i decided to have the flatbread with roasted red peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, and goat cheese (it was supposed to come with feta but i like goat cheese much better). mom had a burger and sweet potato fries, debbie had a tuna burger with homemade potato chips, and victoria had a caesar salad and scallops. we all licked our plates clean- mine was nothing special, but i was starvinggg by the time we ate because we talked so much that we didnt order until about 9! i wanted to run the bridge when i got home but it was raining so that didnt work out so well. now im in bed cuddling with ollie and am contemplating whether or not i want to go to the gym before work tomorrow...we will see...okay time for shark week- xoxo

where's waldo? oops i mean whitney...

sorry i have been mia...things have been uber crazy around here. this semester at school is almost over so of course they are over loading me with work- most busy work that i can't believe i am paying thousands of dollars to do. im beginning to think a lot of college is a pile of poo! not to too my own horn or anything but i already know most of what these classes are teaching me- except math, that is my exception :( i also went to the mountains in north carolina for 4 days (will post pics later) and had no cell service/internet access for the most part- lots of fun there, veryyyy beautiful (although i'm not sure about the whole altitude thing). now it's monday and i'm back to work (really i was back to work on saturday, but it was nice to have yesterday off)...i had an awesome workout at the gym yesterday (13 min warm up on bike, 30 min on treadmill, 30 min on eliptical, and lotsss of much needed strentgth training). i had been in almost a week-because of vacay! although i did do a lot of walking on the i wasn't hungry for breakfast (probably because i didn't eat my amy's veg barley for dinner until 10 last night!) so i didn't eat until about 1230pm today. i had a scoop of chicken salad (w/ fruits and nuts) and one small slice of Ezikiel bread. total yum yum! since im going for a hard workout after work i decided i better eat a snack as well; at 330 i had a small organic banana with almond butter- o faceeeeeeee! work has been slow today but it allowed me to get a lot of ME stuff done- catch up on emails, pay my car registration, do some banking work (i recently switched banks so had to re-do allllllll of my things that are automatically withdrawn), more homework, twittered/fbooked (OBVI), etc etc...well its almost 5 (yay!) and im off to the gym...ttfn
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