July 24, 2009

arbys salad?!?

tgif :) this week feels like it has been going on for ever and everrrrr....i hit up the gym after work yesterday- 5 min on bike, 20 on treadmill, 40 on elliptical...wasn't in the mood for strength training so i have to catch up tomorrow and this weekend. i met up with my mom at tj maxx for a quick run through- nothing (which is a good thing)! we had planned on going home and making a nice dinner but by the time we were done shopping we were tired and grumpy and decided to grab a quick bite. normally i am not a fast food person but last night was an exception- we wanted something quick & easy so we drove to arbys (shhhh don't tell). i had a chicken fajita wrap that was suprisingly AWESOME! it had roasted chicken, red & green peppers, onions, and monteray jack cheese all wrapped up in a warm pita- YUM! and not half bad (health-wise) for fast food. mom had a salad- don't laugh, i know you're thinking SALAD...from a fast food place? ha- but arbys has reallllly FRESH salads. she loved it. after dinner jon met me to walk the fitness trail on the beach. we did an easy two miles and it was really relaxing. i headed back to my dog sitting job and was out like a light :)

i skipped breaky this morning because i was STILL full from dinner. i ended up being hungry by 11 so i had a piece of ww toast with pb- hit the spot. work is still slow so ive been trying to keep myself busy by doing odds and ends...i decided to grab lunch around 2- another salad from chelseas. the usual- romaine, edamame, chickpeas, carrots, red cabbage, egg, cheese, and chinese noodles (i really need to work on giving these up, but they're just sooooo good- i love to have that crunch in my salad). it's almost 5 (thankkkk gooodddness) and then im off to the gym (yaayyy). i'm planning on going to see the ugly truth tonight so i'll let you know how it is...ttfn.

July 23, 2009

back in action

so after work on tuesday, jon and i (and ollie, obvi) headed to tampa for the night (had to pick up mom from her bfs- she likes when we drop her off and pick her up because she says it saves her money not having a car there haaaa smart momma). we got there around 8 and met up with mom, bf, and friends at datz. datz is a gourmet deli and food market and is absolutely amazing. they have a great selection of cheese, wines/beers, and the BEST pastries (and i am not even a pastry person). for dinner i had a veggie sandwich- grilled portabello mushroom, grilled asparagus, roasted red & yellow peppers, and melted jarlsberg cheese on a batard. it was really good, although i would have preferred it on whole grain bread (i'm not a fan of white). the sandwiches come with homemade "sweet n salty" potato chips that are ridiculously good! jon had a beef brisket sandwich with coleslaw and melted jarlsburg on pumpernickel and LOVED it (i had a bite and it was delishhhh). the sandwiches are HUGEEEE and we both took half of ours home. when we got back to j's (moms bf), mom had a made a carrot cake so everyone dove in for dessert. i had a few bites and was fulllllllllll. like uncomfortably full :( i hate when i do that.

we woke up and took ollie for a nice, long walk which felt really good (although it was reallllly warm out). we then went to the st. petersburg yacht club for and early lunch. i had a tom, basil. mozz omelette with a side of fruit- fab!! i was still full from dinner so i only ate about half of it. then we discovered the plate of homemade mini corn muffins and mini pecan sticky buns on the table...OMGGGGGGG! heaven! i have never eaten something so good in my life :) happiness...mom and i never eat things like that (especially both being diabetics), but we couldn't help ourselves. we then went for a nice little morning drive around st. pete (love it there), but had to get going because i had to be back by late lunch time for a dog sitting job. i was soooo stuffed on the ride home and didn't really feel well- i had just eat way too much in the past 24 hours! i ended up eating a bowl of cream of rice (w/ almond milk & bluebs) for dinner at about 9pm- def hit the spot.

this morning i had a bowl of puffed rice with almond milk for breaky. yum yum. another long day of work ahead of me...is it friday yet??? ALMOST :) ttfn.

ps- didn't even go shopping in tampa/st. pete! meaning no moola spent! yay for me!

July 21, 2009

west coast lovin

in tampa for the night...more details tomorrow- too tired and too FULL to type (had the best dinner that i cannot wait to write about)...ttfn

the ZOO

sorry about not blogging yesterday night, buttttttt my kitten had KITTENS :) wooster is only 10 1/2 months and she had her first litter of kittens yesterday afternoon. my house is literally a ZOO. she was supposed to get spayed on july 2nd, but by the time we got her to the vet she had already done the nasty with a neighborhood cat. i should have known my cat would be a slut- loveeees it! she gave birth to four gorgeoussss kitties- i'm not even a huge cat person but there is just something about babies that i loveeeee.

they are to diiieeeeee for. and wooster is such a proud and happy mother- she can't stop purrrrrring! seeing her give birth and nurture her new children is just beauitfulllll. sorry for being sappy...oliver was soooooo excited for his new brothers and sisters (who knows at this point) to arrive!

here he is waiting to see them :) tooooooo cute!

i went right home after work to see the kitties and planned on skipping the gym because of all of the excitement. at 6pm i was itching for the gym though and decided to sneak out for a quick workout. i did 30 min on elliptical (high incline, high resistance), 15 min on bike (fat burn workout), and 15 min on treadmill (2 min walk, 3 min run routine). i was really happy i went- i felt great afterwards! i wanted to make a quick and easy dinner since "the bachelorette- the men tell all" was on at 8 (i am obsessseddddd with bachelor/bachelorette- such a guilty pleasure). i made ezekiel spaghetti with a ricotta/parm tomato sauce topped with chopped & sauteed veggies (tomatoes, red pepper, onion, zuchinni, & fresh spinach)- absolutely awesome! i was sooooo full though- pasta always does that to me. i didn't end up going to sleep until about 1am! ahhh so late for me, but ollie & i just couldn't stop playing with wooster and the kitties- i know, i'm a freak.

i was up bright and early with all of the animals today :) everyone is happy and healthy- although i don't think ollie slept much. he waited by the bathroom door all night (mom & babies are in a bed in the bathtub so they are safe from the dogs). he was very excited to give all of the kittens their morning kisses. wooster was purring sooo loud that it was echoing throughout my whole room practically. i made a bowl of cream of rice for breaky (same thing i had yesterday- amond milk, agave nectar, chia seeds, & bluebs) and it was amazing again. the bluebs were sooo sweet and delish! now i am sitting at work (which is dead again! ugh!) thinking about going to get an largeeee iced tea because my eyes are getting heavy...ttfn

July 20, 2009

case of the mondays

is it really monday already? working saturdays only gives me a one day weekend and it definitely goes by wayyyy too quickly. i was up until midnight finishing up a writing assignment for school so i was completely dragging my feet this morning. i started off the morning with a bowl of cream of rice with almond milk, chia seeds, agave nectar, and a handful of blueberries. it really hit the spot and gave me a nice jolt of energy. i threw on a turqoise susanna monaco dress & leopard jack rogers and was out the door :)

work has been slow again today. i know this is our off-season, but i never remember it being THIS slow. thank goodness we have a tv- andrea and i have been watching nyc prep re-runs all day (secret obsession). i know i told myself that i wasn't eating lunch out anymore, but andrea is a bad influence (which is why i love her!!) and we decided on chelseas. she got tuna on a baguette with black olives, let, & tom. i got a salad (the usual)- romaine, red cabbage, shredded carrots, edamame, chickpeas, hard-boiled egg, shredded cheddar, and crunchy chinese noodles (i just can't say no to those bad boys)- tossed with a white balsamic vinaigrette- FABULOUSSSSSS!

okay good/bad news...we just marked all of our giuseppe zanotti's to 75% OFF- holy %*#A!$($%#$!!! of course i want them ALL, but there are a pair of snake pumps that i think are the most practical (giuseppe's- practical? hah). i need them like i need a hole in the head- but i just can't say no!

i mean come on- could you say no?

July 19, 2009

take me on the floor

so i had an awesome workout today! i did 15 min on bike, 20 min on elliptical, and 45 on treadmill- it felt great and was just what i needed to get back on track after this mornings early airport jaunt. i also just uploaded some rockin tunes to my ipod so that makes working out even bettttter! even though most of my playlist is hip-hop, i am loving the veronica's "take me on the floor"! really gets me goingggg!

after the gym i hit up young's produce and got one box spring mix, one box baby spinach, one zucchini, one bigggg red pepper, one jicama, and one vidalia onion (the lady also threw in a free lemon) all for $5.20- yesssss :)

i guess i was in avoidance of laundry and a writing assignment so after young's i hit up tj maxx instead of going right home. i had two things to return (go me!), but ended up leaving with four (typical). in good news i didn't spend any money and actually left with a $10 credit! i got an uber comfty pair of adias exercise capris, a couple sports bras (on clearance!!!!!), and a book for myself called "sag harbor" which i am sooo excited to read.

i wanted dinner to be easy since it had to be ready by 8 (when the new LiLo movie "Labor Pains" premieres on ABCFam- duhhhhhhhh). i made an awesome salad- spring mix, a scoop of organic garlic hummus, a tiny bit of salsa, a big scoop of pico di gallo, shredded jarlsburg- and topped it with an amy's american veggie burger. the salad was delish, although the burger wasn't anything special and nothing i am going to run out to buy again.

okay commercial is overrrr, back to lindz :) ttfn.

that's what i love about sundays

so after getting all excited yesterday for my quinoa dish, i got home and realized i only had quinoa flakes and quinoa pasta :( and i was def not up for a trip to publix! i decided to go with amy's black bean and veggie enchiladas that i found in my freezer. i had never had these before and OMG i have a new fav! these were awesome and soooo filling (and they only had 160 calories!). i am all excited though because on the back of the quinoa flake box i noticed a recipe for quinoa-banana muffins that sound amazing- i just need to stop by the store and pick up some quinoa flour and i am all set for some baking experiments :)

i got a call last night from a client of my mom's saying that she needed someone to take her friends to the airport this morning so i offered my services- not knowing that they needed to be picked up at 5 am! i am sooo not a morning person- especially on sundays! i thought about how much i need the money though and sucked it up. 4:15am came too quickly and i sort of stumbled out the door...thank goodness they were flying out of melbourne, fl so the trip was quick and easy. i was back in bed by 6:40 am and didn't wake up again until NOON! wow i haven't slept that late in a LONG time. it felt good though :) i made an awesome bowl of cream of rice for brunch- it had chia seeds, a tiny bit of almond milk, agave nectar, and a half a nanner- MMMMMM, awesome! now i'm getting ready to head to the gym- i'm in need of a hardcore, stress-relieving workout...then home for laundry and homework. i love sundays :)

July 18, 2009

no plans

so the store is dead today...i don't understand why people wouldn't want to spend their saturdays shopping for fabulous shoes and clothes?...i mean HELLO PEOPLE, i sure would! i started off the morning with two toasted sesame rice cakes with almond butter- very satisfying :) the bf brough me lunch about an hour ago- egg white omlette with tomatoes and cheese- my FAV! it came with hash browns (which i had a few nibbles off, bad bad girl!) and ww toast, which i have yet to eat. i'm sure i will snack on it later as it feels like 5 o'clock is never going to come :( boo! no exciting plans for the evening yet, which i am actually very excited about! i'm going to the gym after work, obvi (my gym closes at 4 on saturdays so i use the gym at my grammys place- it is so quiet & i'm always the only one there, i love it!). i will probably also run the bridge (a nice two miles), depending on the weather. not sure what dinner will be, but i am craving quinoa so i'm thinking of making a quinoa & black bean dish. we'll see what the night brings...ttfn

July 17, 2009

t g i f

after such a stressful (well more annoying than stressful) day at work, i headed to the gym for a much needed workout. i was a little rushed because i had to be at the bf's parents house at 7 for his bday din- family style. i managed to squeeze in 45 minutes on the treadmill before i had to head home. i split my time between speed-walking (4.0 pace on a 15 incline- the highest), running (4.6, no incline), and sprinting (6.0, no incline). it felt awesome- although i kept getting a whiff of the girl next to me that smelled like a big blob of bubblegum (i swear she had on some bubblegum body mist from like walgreens. you know that kind that you used have your mom buy you from there in middle school? it came in weird scents like that (birthday cake) and you thought you were all that wearing it) it didn't help that she was wearing a bright pink shirt either. yuck.

din din was delish, but very filling. bacon-wrapped filet, baked potatoes, and a summer salad. stk & pots is def not my typical meal, but an awesome treat none the less. i ate about 3/4 of my filet (bacon removed) and it was actually awesome because it was soo rare- just how i like it. i also had about 1/4 of a baked potato (no toppings) and all of my salad, as usual. the salad had romaine, apple slices, strawberry slices, mandarin oranges, and roasted pecans in it, served with a vinaigrette. total YUM :) the bf & i had to stop at wal-mart on the way home (ughhhhh don't even say anything. GROSS) to grab some necessities- cat food, dog biscuits, and razor blades. i was excited to find a gallon of almond milk there for $2.74 though- woo hoo :) now i'm curled up on the couch watching some deadliest catch re-runs. i'm about to doze off. night night. ps- HI MOM :)

btw- that pear yoplait that i was so excited to try earlier was a definite NO GO :( when i took my first bite i noticed that it had a huge chunks of what i guess were supposed to be pear. first of all, i hateeee fruit on the bottom yogurts and this one did not even advertise itself as one (those tricksters!!!). second of all, this was nottt pear- it was like a cold, crunchy square of nothing that i guess yoplait hoped you would believe was pear. this yogurt also tasted like 100% sugar :( nothing worse than that. so if you were planning on trying it- i suggest going with something else.


so work could not have gone by any slower this afternoon-i feel like its always that way on fridays! today was the day of nutcases though...first a group of women with fannypacks- never a good sign. a short while later a lady came and tried on a pair of DVF wedges that were marked to half off (this is her second time in to visit them) and was hassling me to mark them down even more for her. i thought about it for a short (very short) second until i saw that she was carrying a BIRKIN bag- i mean c'mon lady take your complaints and birkin elsewhere. nice try. to top off the cake though was the bimbo from beverly hills (as she kept pointing out) that kept calling the store. she too wanted these (at this point) g-damn dvf wedges- however she was trying to get me to mark them to 75% percent off for her because she claimed that she got them from dvf.com at this price but they sent her a size too big and then didn't have her proper size to replace them with. so i go to the dvf site to verify this- nice try b*tch, they only have them at 40% off (even LESS than we have them marked down). she then proceeds to call us back at least four times before 2pm to ask us over and over again to make an exception for her and tell us that we weren't being very "accomodating". ha good one. she then decides that maybe, just maybe, she will order them but she needs them there by monday (she is allllllll the way in california...in BEVERLY HILLS, as she reminds us again) because she is going on vacation. at this time im like okay babe you live in bh AND are about to embark on a vacation and you need a LaRgEr discount?!? i don't think so! so i go to our ups program and find out that to get it there by monday it will be $103.42- almost as much as the shoes! i pass on the info to her and she proceeds to tell me that i am wrong and that she is going to call ups because it should be $20! okay so by like her 6th call (a gross underestimate) i think she finally realizes that she is wrong in every way but still tries to make ME feel like a ding-dong. too bad i don't fall for losers like this. to cut the story short (yes this IS the highly condesnsed version)- she bought the shoes! but had them sent regular mail ($20!!). hmm she only spent 30 minutes telling me about how she NEEDED them for her vacation on monday. oh well guess she will have fug shoes on vacay. ha serves her right. have fun in your dollhouse sandals honey ;)

broke is the new black

so i was shopping in palm beach the other day (for the bf's bday, not for myself- im TRYING to behave) and i saw this tank with "broke is the new black" on it. i thought it was cute/funny and such a clever idea. i wanted one until i saw the $24 price tag and realized that if i really am broke i cannot afford to spend that on a silly tank that i will probably never wear in public. they also had one that said "red white and broke" on it. not cute. i was just looking for a pic of the top and found out that they are on SALE (my favorite word, EVER) on urbanoutfitters.com for $14.99!

in typical whitney form i placed one in my "shopping basket", but then realized $14.99 is still $14.99 and i DON'T need this. my closest door doesn't close (and i have a walk-in!!!)- it is over-flowing. i also have clothes racks all over my room and you can barely see my floor because it is covered with shoes. i just have to say no. that is $14.99 towards a new balenciaga bag...or student loans- yuck! i also saw that they had one of these shirts for MEN- a tight black v-neck that said the same thing! barf, vomit, puke. how gross is that? please tell me that no man has actually purchased one of these. what is with this whole guys wearing tight tees? i don't get it and never will. its not manly, nor attractive. total turn-off guys- don't do it. k, thanks :)

so enough about shopping- the bf's birthday went really well last night. he wanted to go out but i had planned for us to stay in so i suprised him with a sushi picnic on my bed. he had a spicy crab roll and an "orlando" roll (tempura wahoo with veggies and spicy mayo but he gets no veggies- typical male). i had the tuna mochi which is tuna and kani tartare on a rice crisp topped with wasabi and roe (you get five little crisps)- YUM :) we then had a relaxing evening and watching "knowing" with nicolas cage- good at first but then total got weirdddd at the end. don't rush out to rent it. as for today...i wasn't hungry when i woke up so i didn't eat until about 11:30 am. i had two slices of ww toast with almond butter and jam with an iced tea, obvi. it's now 2:45 and i'm going to have a yogurt for lunch- yoplait now makes a PEAR flavor and although i usually don't like sweet yogurts i just have to try this one. 5 o'clock can't come soon enough...gym, then home to play with my puppies and relax :) ta ta for now.

July 16, 2009

go shawty, its ya burfday

i woke up late this morning so grabbed some whole wheat toast and iced tea for breakfast on my way to work. i added some almond butter and grape jelly to my toast- yum :) work has been so slow lately- i work full time at a boutique in a very small seasonal town so the summer is DEAD here. boringgggg. since i ate a little late this morning i wasn't ready for lunch until about 2:30. i had an amy's tofu scramble in a pocket sandwich. it had red peppers and shitake mushrooms in it- total yum and very filling (with only 180 calories!!). i'm off to the gym after work- i'm actually looking forward to it because i just downloaded an amazing new playlist to my ipod. i skipped the gym yesterday because i went shopping with a friend in palm beach and didn't get back until late. good news though- i didn't buy anything for myself- YAY! that is major for me...especially considering the fact that they had soo many bomb sales going on. i did buy some things for the bf though- it's his BIRTHDAY today. i am not sure what we are doing tonight but i did make a "Double Chocolate Brownie Cake" last night for him. i definitely won't be having any tonight but i'll let you know what he thinks :)

jon & i (last oct)

bye bye blog virginity

i've given in, obvi- i finally have my own blog. why, you ask? i don't really have an answer for that. i am a facebook junkie...and a twitter junkie- so i guess this is something else that just sparked my interest. i want to share my journey of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while trying to control my outrageous spending habits at the same time. i am a diabetic and also have polycystic ovarian syndrome. i always was happy with my weight until my first year of college- a combination of unhealthy eating and the recent diagnosis of pcos made me gain about 35 pounds. the weight came on all at once and was quite a shock. i tried to act like it didn't bother me, but i hated getting dressed in the morning and hated taking pictures. i gained so much weight in my face that its not like i could hide the weight in pictures by leaving my lower body out. i was totally in denial. i didn't want to accept all this weight i had suddenly gained. so instead of hitting the gym, i hit the stores and bought babydoll tops- lots and lots of them (i also have a spending problem, ha). that was six years ago and although i have lost most of the weight, i still have not reached my happy weight. this blog is my journey to reach that goal weight and be happy and healthy at the same time. i will also discuss my love of shopping and my attempt at controlling my spending during these hard economic times.
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