October 30, 2009

hallow's eve

bonjour mes amis :) sorry for the 3 day hiatus- i've missed you lovers! nothing too excited to report, so here's a brief recap of the past few days...

tuesdays lunch-

pb & j on flax and raspberrriiieesss (yes, i ate them ALL- so fresh and delish!)

gym for 70 minutes of cardio, followed by a MUCH needed pedi...

i forgot to bring my own polish (i was planning on chanel vendetta, which is a dark purp), so i found the closest color they had. yay for polished feet!

tuesdays dinner-

after having our legs and feet pampered, mom and i went to our fav mexi restaurant and split these amazingggg pork tacos with lots of guac. nom nom. i LOVE mexican food SO much- but alwayssss have a food baby afterwards (no matter how much or what i eat). blahhh. i've been feeling this one for the past few days. boo.

wednesday's lunch-

suprise, suprise! another pb&j- this one with chia seeds. i don't think i could ever get sick of this.

spent the afternoon at the gym for 80 min of cardio (65 on treadmill and 15 on bike)...

obviously you can see there was no running involved- okay maybe a few minutes here and there, but it was mostly speed walking on an incline.

after the gym i was ready for an afternoon snack so i hit up my goodies from dr. kracker :)

i tried them with jalepeno hummus and swiss cheese (HELLO nothing beats cheese and crackas!)...

okay the more dr. kracker products i try, the more i fall in love with them! these crackers were soooo crunchy and had the most amazing nutty flavor. i also love that these crackers aren't salty. i cannot wait to try the rest of my goodies!

dinner was a quick and easy collabo by momma sue- rotisserie chicken (which i dipped in hummus), sauteed califlower (YUM!), and the most amazing mini pumpkin muffins.

okay now usually i'm not a fan of store bought baked goods- i can make them better myself and not add so many bad ingredients. BUTTTT i have now found an exception (well, momma sue found them)- atlanta bread company's mini pumpkin muffins that mom found at sam's club. they aren't overly sweet and taste sooo homemade. i know there are only two on my plate, but i totes ate fourrrrrr :) muhahaha.

i also had an orange.

i don't have many pictures of yesterdays eat. this lazy butt forgot to take pics. lunch was an oats & chocolate fiberone bar and a cup of cottage cheese with chopped nuts and a few slices of a naner. i just read the ingredients of the fiberone bars and realized they have hfcs in them so i am going to try and pass on those in the future. afternoon snack was a few dr. kracker seeded spelt snackers with cheese.

loveeeddd these ones too- these had lots of sesame seeds on them, which i adore :)

gym was 70 minutes of treadmill, bike, and elliptical. i've been slacking on strength this week- i need to fix that!
i also hit up the spray tanning booth just in case i decided to dress up on saturday- homefry is looking quite casper-y these days.

din was a southwest sunshine burger (the last! booo hoooo) on an arnolds sandwich thin (my first!) with melted light swiss and jalepeno hummus...

i toasted the arnie and it was absolutely delish. i may or may not have snuck into the halloween candy and had two mini hershey bars ;)

TGIF!!! finallllly!!! geez this has been a long week (and post- sorry! is anyone still reading by now?!?)...

today started off with...

girl scout thin mints!!! ooops- i mean a chocolate peppermint stick LUNA bar. i swear these taste just like thin mints! YUMMMMMMM! and no hfcs :) yippee!
today i am sporting some fabulously flashy friday flats! say that 10 times fast ;) but seriously, how FAB are these swarovski encrusted giuseppe flats?!? loveeee these babies.

why does my left leg look tanner than the right? haa gotta love splochy spray tans.
okay my pretties i am off to find some lunch and get back to work. yayyy for it ALMOST being HALLOWEEN :) au revior.


  1. love the new nail polish! I have dark purple on my toes right now to! :)

    I hope that blah feeling goes away asap! trust me i was going through that earlier this week! Just smile babe! :)

  2. Pretty nail color! I prefer the darker colors to the neon bright ones that seem to be all the rage now.

    I still haven't tried an Arnolds Sandwich Thin. I love my bread, but think I'll have to give those a try.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. My toes are dark purp right now too, but they need touched up!

  4. Love the Tory Burch flip flops...I had a pair but lost one when I took them off at a party :( Aren't peppermint stick Lunas the best? Soooo delicious...try freezing them, they taste just like frozen peppermint patties!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. MMMM! I LOVE that luna bar! I also love sunshine burgers, arnies and Dr. Kracker!! :D Greaaat post!

  6. i think i have a dr kracker package coming soon I cant wait to try them I hear RAVE reviews!!

    I love that luna flavor, usually I am not a mint fan when it comes to a bar, but LOVE these!

    my google reader has been acting wierd and not updating my posts but I am still updating so stop on by my dear!!

  7. Oh I need a pedi too! Even though its too cold for sandals, I like to get them year round just for me!

  8. Gimme that Luna Bar. Give it to me NOW!!!

  9. pb & raspberries sounds like a fantastic lunch to me :) haha perfect combo - never gets old.

  10. Those shoes are too cute! You've got yourself a pair of ruby slippers!

  11. Loving your ruby bred flats. A Choco peppermint stick sounds so good right now too.


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