October 27, 2009

z-bar virginity

sorry for the lack of postings my beauties, but i've been buried in school work :( nasty nasty. time to recap...

friday's lunch was a simple pb&j on essential flax bread...

i knew i had to be up early saturday morning (mom had that grand idea of having a tag sale), so i decided to lay low on friday night. first i hit up the gym for 75 minutes of cardio and then i met mom at too jay's for dinner...

we split a veggie quesadilla that had spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, carmelized onions, and peppers on a w/w tortilla. the flavor was good, but it was UBER oily and got soggy wayyyy too quickly. i felt yucky when we left :( so i decided to cheer up my stomach later than night...

pumpkin ice cream with halloween sprinkles :D clearly it is TOO hot in florida because the ice cream started to melt 2 seconds after i scooped it into my mug. blahhh. twas delish though (obvi)!!!
early saturday morning i helped mom set up her tag sale, but then had to rush off to my real job for the day. i had a morning snack around 11ish...

peach chobani with a spoonful of udi's! doesn't get much better, especially when eating it while browsing the pages of the new HERMES catalog. i die...

saturday was INSANELY busy at work. from 1130 until 530 i DID NOT STOP! i LOVE days like that :) i came home to find waldo taking a nap...

man oh man, he really lives the life. sigh...

saturday's dinner was a bowl of grape nuts with low fat (cow's) milk. weird dinner, i know. don't hate.
sunday morning i had to help momma sue again with the tag sale. i literally was giving stuff away just to get rid of clutter. mom would have a price tag of $20 on something and i would sell it for a dollar. i'm a great daughter, i know ;) brunch was a dunkin donuts mulitgrain bagel with ab and grape jam.

soo delish! and yes that is my 711 iced coffee in the backround, obvi.

we closed up shop at about 230ish, and i hit the gym for 70 sweaty minutes of cardio. after my workout i was semi-hungry, so i nibbled on my first z-bar...

this was AMAZINGGGGGGGG! the flavor and texture rocked! how have i waited so long to try one of these babies?!? i'm hooked now :)
dinner was uber simple- eggs and toast...

mom and i each split one piece of white and one piece of w/w (with blackberry jam and REAL buttah!). this was the most amazingggg artisian bread i have ever tried! YUM!
i spent the rest of the evening studying for my obervational behavior test. yuck.

monday was a typical long day. blah. lunch was an unpictured salad- nothing special. test was at 7 and was suprisingly really HARD. ugh i'm so over school. by the time i got home it was 850 and i had to make something rEaLLy quick before GG started. i popped open a can of organic butternut squash soup and threw it on the stove.

this was the perfect dinner to sip on while watching my beloved chuck :) and you know i hit up some more of that toast! holla!
i may or may not have had a bit more pumpkin ice cream later that night ;)
okay now it's tuesday and i have lots of work to do. be back later lovies.


  1. Awwwww Waldo is adorableee... I found my kitten in a similar position and location this morning when I got home from the gym and I agree 100%... a cat's life is THE life.

    Ahh can't believe you had your first Z-Bar! You HAVE to get your hands on the Spooky Smores flavor before they're gone!! Sooo yummy, you'll love it! :)

  2. I am a Z bar virgin too, i think after how you felt about it, its about time i get my hands on one too! What type of shop does your mom own? sounds like such a wonderful shop!

    Hope your having a fantastic WEDNESDAY girl! xoxo

  3. YESSSSSSS you popped you z-bar cherry! (That was gross haha.) Honey graham is my fave... actually it's the only one I've tried, but I'm in love!!

    Also in love with YOU for your diva Chobani-Hermes combo! Move to Brooklyn NOW, please!!!

  4. You have to try the blueberry zbar! Its my favorite. I've only seen it once though! The honey ghram is actually my last favorite and the brownie ones are to die for!


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