October 1, 2009

october already?

so we all know that wednesday is my day off and i never have anyyy time to blog because i'm overloaded with busy work- laundry, cleaning, homework, etc etc.

tuesday after work i hit up the gym- via starbucks...

for an iced coffee with a squirt of pumpkin :)

i did 65 minutes of cardio and 25 min of strength and then my friend jess called and wanted to go to the bridge and do a quick 2 miles so i agreed. i went home feeling awesome (and sweaty!)! for dinner i threw a kashi pizza in the oven and whipped together a quick salad.

this was the thin crust mushroom trio and spinach pizza and it was absolutely DELISH! my mom and i both agreed that we will definitely being buying this again. i ended up having a third piece because i liked it so much :) the salad was the same broccoli concoction as monday night. yummm! 90210 + pizza = pure happiness. followed by dancing with the stars, the hills, and the city + a scoop of chocolate chip ice cream = even MORE happiness.

yesterday i started the day off with chobani around 11ish.

this was the vanilla flavor and i added fresh blueberries, nature's path maple flax cereal, and cheerios. it was so-so...i'm not a huge fan of "vanilla flavoring". it just had that fake flavoring taste to it and was fakely sweet. not my fav.

after my yog, i hit up the gym for another 65 minutes of cardio and lots & lots of crunches. i was so busy the rest of the day that i forgot to eat :( boo! cleaning, and a trip to walmart & targert will do that to ya!

good thing it was jon's sisters bday- i knew there was a big dinner in store!!! dinner was steak, crab legs, potatoes, and spinach salad. i had a hugeee serving of spinach salad (w/ raspberries, pecans, & vinaegrette), a small piece of steak (with sauteed mushrooms), and a few pieces of potatoes. i also may or may not have had a small piece of peach cake ;) i was full to da maxxxxxxx!! no pics- i still feel kind of rude busting out my camera in the middle of someones bday din.

i started off this morning with an iced nut blend coffee and just nibbled on a wild blueberry and orange zest "muffin"...

i still can't believe it is the first day of OCTOBER! time sure flies...back to work now, ta ta.


  1. I can't believe it is oct already too!!! I feel weird taking pictures in front of other people too!

  2. So glad I'm finding your blog! Where do you go to school? (I live in FL too, in Gainesville).

  3. Gotta love the starbucks to keep you going!

  4. i've been having starbucks SOO much lately, and i'm def not hating it! MMMM :)

  5. hey whitney saw your comment about miami weather, are you from florida? I seriously ahte winter so I can't imagine disliking warm weather year round

  6. It's crazy that it is October already...it's freezing!

  7. The birthday dinner sounds yummy!

    Great workouts!


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