October 2, 2009

finally friday

can you guess what yesterdays lunch was???...yep, you're right- grilled cheese!!!

vermont cheddar and jalepeno monteray jack on california complete protein bread. ooey gooey goodness...total heaven :)

i also had an orange for an afternoon snack. this was an austrailian navel and it was ginormous!

after work i went right to the gym and did 45 min of cardio- i had to cut my workout short because i had dinner at my grammy's and didn't want to be late.

on my way home from the gym i ran into cvs to grab a few things and found this at the counter...

chocolate cookie caramel pecan smartfood!! i had a few pieces and it was soooo good!! very sweet, so those few pieces were just enough.

the fam, bf, and i had dinner at grammy's. no pics- didn't have phone or camera with me. i had the nicoise chicken breast that was with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, and black olives sauteed in white wine. i had a sweet potato and spinach salad on the side. yummmmmmmmmmmmm! i also had a few bites of chocolate parfait for dessert. jon had to roll me outta there ;)

after dinner jess, ollie, and i did a nice 2 mile walk over the bridge. it was so beautiful out- but still warm :( boo!

for lunch today i ordered a tomato mozz wrap from cravings (a little cafe down the street) and it was absolutely disgusting and soggy! blahhhhh! i was too lazy and annoyed to bring it back, so i am currently eating this:

pineapple chobani with udi's and almonds. OMG this is insanely delicious! the pineapple flavor really talks to your tastebuds. it really tastes like fresh pineapple and is sweet, but not too sweet. chobani you ROCK! for all of you who have not tried this flavor, do so NOWWW :)

fyi- oct 1-4 is bloomingdales friends & family sale! this sale is in-store, as well as online. since you are all my good FRIENDS, i wanted to let you know that if you shop online at bloomingdales this weekend, use the code "friends" for 20% off :)


  1. Oh, you are making my resolve not to shop quite difficult, haha! That grilled cheese looks so amazing! Love the grill marks!

  2. OMG yeah! pineapple is BOMB! i scooped some into my yogurt mess today (usually i use plain non fat. ) UHHHH it was AWESOME!

  3. That grilled cheese looks like perfection!!!

    and ah did not know about the bloomies sale! have you ever had the fro-yo from the NYC bloomies?? if not, you must get it next time you visit

  4. i haven't tried smartfood yet, but i want to so bad. this flavor sounds amazing!


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