October 20, 2009


waldo is extremely flattered by all of your comments. fyi- he's single ladies ;)

so before i hit the gym yesterday i was a bit hungry and def needed some extra energy. enter the fiber one oats & chocolate bar.

this was absolutely amazinggggggggg! it tasted like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bar :) nom nom. i hit up the gym for 70 min of cardio (5 min bike warm up/65 min treadmill) and 20 min of upper body strength.

i got home to find a box full of goodies on my doorstep from...DOCTOR KRACKER!!!

they sent me a fabulous selection of samples of their flatbreads and culinary crisps to review- i can't wait :) of course i had to try at least one (but only one because i didn't want to spoil my din din). PUMPKIN CHEDDAR flatbread!

according to Dr. Kracker's website, "We toast this cracker while it’s baking to coax the “wow” out of those delicious organic pumpkin seeds, and to get that the most out of that unique, extra-crispy toasted cheddar flavor. Absolutely delicious." I AGREE! these were awesomeeeee! they were extremelyyyyy crunchy and had a fabulous nutty flavor. i could not taste much pumpkin, but that did not bother me. they would be fabulous with melted cheese on them :) thank you George at Dr. Kracker! i cannot wait to complete the full review!

while mom was making a delish salad for dinner, i decided to bake some muFFinS- whole wheat applesauce muffins from the back of the Hodgson Mill box.

i usually like to make muffins from scratch, but i saw this box at albertson's the other day and decided to give it a whirl. i used unsweetened applesauce instead of sweetened and added some flax meal for an extra kick.

and sprinkled some oats on top for decoration...

this recipe yielded 22 mini muffins. the VeRdiCt- i remember why i like to make muffins from scratch. they didn't even rise! (the picture above is pre-baking, but they came out looking the exacttt same way. poop.) these muffins were edible, but did not excite my taste buds in ANY way. blah :( total bummer.

dinner was a typical momma sue salad- romaine, shredded broccoli, tomatoes, shredded carrots, chickpeas, left over rotisserie chicken, red cabbage, and a few tortilla pieces.

sooo yummy- as usual. i also had a few Dr. Kracker Hummus Maximus Culinary Crisps with my salad. they were VERY crunchy and had an interesting flavor. they were good, but i think they had too many coriander seeds for my taste. not great, but definitely not bad- probably about a B-.

the perfect dinner to nosh on while watching GOSSIP GIRL! what did everyone think of chucks boy on boy kiss? didn't bother me- makes for good entertainment. i am liking the addition of hil duff to ze show- although she and dan are an awkward couple thus far. anyways, twas a good episode- can't wait for next week! yay for halloween episodes :)

todays lunch was pb&j with chia seeds on essential flax seeds bread and a non-pictured naner.


afternoon snack was peach chobani with raisin nut FEED granola. by the time i remembered to take a pic it looked like this...

we all know my feeling on chobani, BUT i have another FAV item...FEED granola! holy moly this rocked! the flavor was insane and it just tasted good for you (know what i mean?). thank you again to the jason's at FEED for the amazing samples- i cannot wait to try the blueberry almond and cranberry coconut flavors. anyone have any fab ideas on what to eat them with??


  1. The pumpkin crackers sound yummy. I'll have to keep an eye out.

    As far as Gossip Girl, Dan is just awkward period.

  2. I love their products and especially the flat breads, he cheddar is good.

  3. Ooo. Those crackers sound good. And, uh, you know I want those muffins, right? Please say I can add some melted buttery goodness? Please??

  4. crackers look sooo good! and pumpkin flavor, sounds insanely delicious! they are so smart incorporating the fall flavors in there!

    what is this feed granola! sounds great!

  5. chocolate oat fiber one bars are my FAV! I usually eat them so quick because i love them so much! Those crackers look awesome, hmmm maybe its time i contact them for some samples! hehe.. HOpe your having a great day my love! :)

  6. I need to have my Publix order the feed granola!! And maybe the pumpkin cheddar crackers too, while I'm at it ;)

    I got the coupons you sent, I can't wait to get the Kombucha!

  7. oh! the dr kracker pumpkin flavored breads board thingys haha are so good! enjoy the goodies :)


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