October 8, 2009

my first GIVEAWAY

so tuesday's lunch turned out to be an old classic- pb & j :)

skippy's natural extra crunchy pb with blackberry preserves on california complete protein bread...mmmmmmm! just what my tummy was asking for...

afternoon/pre-workout snack was strawberry chobani with naner slices- SOOOO delish! the strawb/banana combo neverrr fails!

after work i hit up the gym for 90 minutes of cardio and headed home to unwind. when i got home i found an amazing suprise in the mailbox...

coupons from Synergy Drinks!!! I loveeeee Kombucha and cannot wait to use these babies!!! thanks GT Dave and Susan :)
to learn more about kombucha, click here...

dinner was a quick meal by mom- spinach and ricotta manicotti and salad...

so simple and absolutely delish! it went perfectly with 90210 :) i also snacked on some newman's own popcorn during the hills and the city. jon snacked on this...

blueberry CHOBANI! you know this stuff is good when even jon will eat it!

yesterday was my day off- yayy :) for the most part it was actually nice and relaxing...i spent a good portion of the day lounging at the beach club by the pool. fall in florida = 90 degrees; hot, humid, and sunny! for lunch i had the chopped spinach salad (again!)...

it is pretty much a cobb salad with spinach...roasted chicken, egg, bacon, tomatoes, & avocado with a sherry dressing that is absolutely to die for.

after the pool jess, mom, and i did a little shopping and got a snack- FRO YO :) i had sf/ff black raspberry swirled with lf chocolate- with sprinkles, obvi! ahh so perfect on a hot afternoon. we also stumbled upon a wine tasting...we had no wine, but spent an hour oogling over the french boy pouring chardonnay from his family's vineyard. sighhhhhh- he was yummy! we tried to snag a pic, but we're just not smooth like that.
i decided i HAD to make it to the gym, so i spent 8-9pm doing 45 min of cardio and 15 of upper body strength. i am really glad i went! dinner didn't happen until 930 and was banana nut bread oatmeal. i wasn't that hungry but knew that i should eat something, so oatmeal is always the perfect answer.

2 packets instant oatmeal, reduced fat milk, a generous scoop of wheat bran, half of a mashed naner, chopped nuts (i used pecans and walnuts), and the other half of the naner sliced. holy moly this was insanely good!

jon and i attempted to watch "year one" but it was ridiculously stupid so we only got through half of it. i do love me some michael cera though :)

this morning i decided to try the PomX Iced Coffee (that was so nicely sent to me by Blue at Pom) in Cafe Au Lait.

you can find the nutritional information here...

ummm i hate to say this, but this was a no go in my book. it tasted like watery milk with a weird plastic-y coffee taste. i cannot really even describe the taste- it was just funky. i am still looking forward to trying the chocolate and vanilla flavors though!
it will never replace this...

my daily iced nut blend with skim milk :)
so i've decided to do my first GIVEAWAY :) it's going to be a quick and simple (but DELISH) one...the first person to comment what flavor of kombucha they love or want to try will win 2 coupons for free kombucha...get to it lovies!! my favorite is the raspberry!!
fyi- check out missy's SILK HEART HEALTH giveaway!!!!


  1. Ahh!! Did I win?? It's the first giveaway I've won!!

  2. My boyfriend tried a strawberry Chobani last night. He was like, "Oh...these are good. I didn't believe you." I was like, "Why would I lie?!" Men are weird.

    The POM coffees seem like a strange concept to me for some reason. I doubt I'd like them. I'm very picky when it comes to my coffee.

    Have a great day!

  3. Even though I didn't win, I've only tried mango, and really like it!

  4. oh man I have wanted to try the mango for a long time! I know I didn't win but Hoping to try it soon!!

    OMG your banana nut bread oatmeal sounds amazing!!!

  5. I would love to try the strawberry.. How are you getting all this free stuff?? Let me in on the secret girl! hehe

  6. Aw I am sad I am late! I loveee Kombucha!!

  7. I totally missed out! More giveaways!!!Bummer about the pomx iced coffee, i was so hoping it was going to be super delicioso!


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