October 23, 2009

coo coo for CaRaMeL

so wednesday turned out to be a nice and relaxing day off :) i started off the day with a new favorite of mine...

dannon caramel yogurt!! now usually i don't like any flavored yogurts such as this (they're too sweet and fake tasting), BUT this one is an exception! it has an extremely light caramel flavor and is absolutely DELISH!

mom and i decided to hit up the beach club for the afternoon because while most of the country is snowing or having cold fronts, this is what our fall looks like...

for lunch we decided to split a pesto chicken and spinach salad with goat cheese and a sherry dressing...

twas good, but had a bit too much goat cheese for our taste. lots o goat cheese at lunch time is just too rich!

dinner was an unpictured popcorn at the movie theatres. dragged mom to see "the stepfather" because um heLLo penn badgely is in it! she wasn't too sure about it, but we both ended up liking it. it wasn't all that "scary", but it def made us jump at parts! the guy was a big time creepo! andddd penn's body was BANGING! they showed him shirtless most of the movie so i was happy :D

since dinner wasn't much of a substantial one, i was still hungry when i got home...vita to the rescue!

doesn't get much better than snuggling in bed with a chocolate vitamuffin!

yesterday started off with an early breakfast from 7-11! yes, i actually ate breakfast! and yes, it was from 7-11. haaaaa.

cheerios with low fat milk (cow's) and half a naner on top. just shows you that you CAN eat healthy on the run. i forgot how much i love cheerios! yum yum.

lunch was nicely delivered to me by jon...

egg white omlette with tomatoes, cheese, and turkey sausage with a piece of w/w toast. SOO nummy! breakfast food is my all time fav (just not actually at "breakfast time"!).

last night i had an overnight babysitting job for 3 awesome girls! it's homecoming week at their school so we got to gossip all night about school happenings, boys, homecoming dresses, etc. made me feel young again :) and made me miss high school! for din they're mom had left us some beef and pea stew she had made. it had an awesome flavor, but was WAYYY too salty. i felt sooooo bloated and yucky this morning! i dropped them off at school and headed to the gym for a morning workout- YAY! finally! i did 45 min of cardio and about 10 of upper body stregth and then rushed home to shower and change for work.

i was a little bit hungry when i got to work so i had a chocolate brownie gnu bar :)

yummm! love this flavor!

TGIF lovies :)


  1. I'm eating an Amy's breakfast burrito for lunch right this second! Breakfast food is the best :)

    I like that brand of yogurt in the coffee flavor, too, and I don't even like coffee! It doesn't taste fake at all, I'll have to try the caramel too!

  2. sounds like a fun couple of days! I am so jealous of your weather! I need a tan I am pale!!!

    I am babysitting tom.. can't beat the cash :-)

    Have a good weekend girl!

  3. I've never had caramel yogurt before. I'll have to give it a whirl.

    I'm jealous of your weather. It's cold here in Boston!

  4. Caramel yogurt...interesting! :D

    Great blog! Just found it!

  5. so jealous of your weather!! Boston looks just like that! HAHAHA yeah right, i wish!

    love GNU bars!! have a great day!!

  6. I want to find caramel yogurt, sounds so yummy! I haven't seen Stepfather but saw some pictures of Penn...who knew Dan Humphrey had that body under all of his plaid?

  7. Your weather is lovely! Ahhh I could do with a warm sunny day right now!

  8. that caramel yogurt is oh so delicious :) especially with some strawberries & granola!!

  9. Caramel yogurt sounds awesome - I'm all about the seasonal flavors! The chicken and pesto sounds fabbie too, and I'm all about penn badgley (one of my friends met him when he was filming across from her hs - I am SO JEALOUS and its still her fb pic like 2 years later haha)

  10. SO JEALOUS of your weather. I've always been a Northeast kinda girl, but I hate the cold with a passion. Winter is not my best season!

    Isn't Penn adorable? He actually lives with Blake Lively in the building next to mine....for real. I've seen both of them in the grocery store several times, and it takes everything I have not to just stand there and stare :)


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