October 3, 2009

whip it good!

so yesterday after work i went home and decided to bake :) i figured with all of the yogurt in my fridge i should make chobani pumpkin muffins (click for recipe). first i put all of the wet ingreidients in a mixing bowl...

mixed them, and then added the dry ingriedients...*i tweaked the recipe by using wheat bran instead of oat bran (they were out at the store) and did not use raisins (not a fan)*

i couldn't find my regular size muffin pan- grrr. the only thing i could find was my mini muffin pan and i didn't want to do that, so i decided on mini loaves...

baked at 400 for 20 min...

and VOILA!

OMGGGGGG you MUST try these! they are amazeballs (as Perez would say)! soooo moist and aren't too sweet! yummm! i had 3/4 of one right out of the oven and my mom had one later in the evening! she loved them (as a caterer, she is a harsshhh critic!).

after my baking sesh i realized i only had one hour before the gym closed (ahhh!). i sped over there and managed to get in a quick and sweaty thirty min of cardio in (bike and treadmill) and lots o crunches (via the ab roller).

on my way home i met my mom at our fav sub place, hooked on, for a late dinner. she had a blt on w/w and i had the "waist watcher" on w/w- tuna, melted provolone (a whit addition), lettuce, toms, carrots, cukes, hot peppers, vinegar, s&p, and oregano. i order a whole, but only ended up eating half...

just what the doctor ordered :)
my friend jess and i decided to hit up the movies for the 955 showing of whip it! wasn't it opening night? because she and i were 2 of 4 peeps in the hugeee theatre. i snacked on a few sour patch kids (i was having a sour craving!!). i LOVED the movie- i thought it was just an adorable, silly, feel-good movie! and ellen page rocks! i kinda want to go out and buy some skates now ;)
well it's saturday morning and i am currently at work snacking on some cottage cheese waiting for my coffee delivery! hope everyone is having a FAB weekend :)
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  1. I just saw the recipe for that bread and I'm dying to try it. Glad to hear it's as good as it sounds!

  2. The muffs sound wicked good! So glad I found your page, I can totally relate and look forward to reading!!

  3. those muffins look fab girl! i must make them asap!

  4. That bread sounds amazing!! I seriously think delicious desserty breads like pumpkin bread, banana bread are my favorite things in the world!!

  5. OMG great recipe, I eat chobani with pumpkin all the time and the two together in a baked treat?? BRING IT ON!! thanks for visiting my blog, LOVE yours, girl!!

  6. As you might have guessed from my blog-I love pumpkin! I can't wait to try those muffins! Thanks for stopping by-I look forward to reading your blog!

  7. chobani pumpkin muffins!!?? for real!? yum :)

  8. idk, it looks like a great movie but It came out so fast! was it good? Oh, i love cooking with Greek yogurt.

  9. amazeballs! i love it! oh perez! <3 those pumpkin muffins look delicious! i have never thought of baking with yogurt! yum!

  10. Hi Whitney - Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love the mini-loaves! Totally cuter than muffins, in my opinion. :-)


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