October 16, 2009

life, part II

okay so to continue where i left off...wednesday was not only my day off, but it was jon and i's 3rd anniversary- wowzers, time sure flies when you're having fun :) i told him i did not want to do much to celebrate because i want a bomb xmas present so he should save his money (hey, at least i'm honest!). butttt, being that he is who he is, he got me 2 dozen gorg roses...

a lovey dovey card that just melted my heart, and the money to go SKYDIVING!!! okay now he's heard me say how much i want to do it, but now that the offer is on the table i'm kind of chickening out. he def won't go with me and i'm not sure if any of my friends would go either- and i'm def NOT doing it alone (how boring!). too bad ollie can't come ;)

we spent the day down in palm beach (i had to take care of something at chanel, so we decided to make a day out of it- yay!). we invited mom to come along with us and of course she jumped on the idea. lunch was at hamburger heaven (our FAV). i was a bad girl and had this...

a south boston patty melt- hamburger with grilled onions, cheedar cheese, and i added avocado on rye toast. with sweet potato fries of course! mom and i split so i didn't feel TOO guilty afterwards. it was awesomeeeee to say the least.

mom decided to get dessert to go, and we ended up with this...

the biggggggest piece of lemon coconut cake i have everrrrrrr seen! holy moly!

we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering worth avenue...window shopping the diamonds and estate jewelry is PAINFUL...poor jon was accosted by a man trying to sell him an engagement ring. i simply told the man i will only settle for a harry winston (i mean HELLO who does he think i am) and he told me "honey, rome wasn't built in a day"- haaa LOVED HIM!! got things taken care of at chanel and left with ONLY a lipgloss- who have i become? why am i so well behaved these days? boooo! no fun! i guess i should be proud of myself though. we then went to gander mountain (jon's fun for the day), which is an outdoorsy boy store. i was horrified when i saw the "girls" sections with pink shirts that had deers head on them that said "don't you wish your girlfriend could HUNT like me?". needless to say i felt QUITE out of place. buttttt, jon loved it (the store, NOT the shirt) and thats all the matters :) we then hit up the gardens mall for a forever 21 trip (got a few bf tee's- can't beat them for 4.50! holy poo!) and hit up ralph lauren (where i could have spent TOO much on jon) and another chanel. by this time we were all pooped and grabbed dinner to go- mom and i split a roasted turkey (right off the bone) sammie on this delicious oatbran bread. and then headed home. GREAT DAY to say the least!!!

yesterday started off with this...

followed by work, and then this...

pb & j with chia seeds on california complete protein bread. NOM NOM!

i had a huge test last night so no time for the gym- boooooo :( and the test was uber tricky! ugh i hate college. high school was soo much easier when all the question said was "choose the correct answer" and now in college it's always "choose the BEST answer"- soooo annoying because half the time all the answers would work but according to the teacher one is the best! rawr!

dinner was not until 930ish and was this...

oatmeal with flax, chopped nuts, cinnamon, and apples- YUM!

okay current at work starvinggg, so i'm off to grab lunch. ta ta lovies! TGIF :)


  1. Such pretty flowers! So romantic! Your burger and fries look yummmmy! It's def. not bad since you split it :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!

    The cake...NOM NOM NOM!

  3. happy friday my dear!

    happy anniversery those are some georgous roses, you lucky gal you!

    the lemon cake looks delish! what a nice moist looking slab of deliciousness!!

  4. I want that lemon coconut cake so bad!

    also beautiful flowers! dont you love it when you say you dont wan much but they get you stuff anyways?

  5. Ooo. Patty Melt. Ooo. Cake. Ooo...skydiving!!!

    I went so far as to locate a skydiving place. Then I chickened out. Never made the phone call.

  6. hello delicious food :) Love the classic pb & j!!
    what pretty flowers too!

  7. Awwww roses!! You lucky lady :) Congrats on the anniversary that's so exciting... That cake sounds & looks soo delicious!! Happy Sunday girlyy :)

  8. AWwww girl those roses are beautiful! :) happy anniversary!


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