October 6, 2009

the power of pom

okay so i left off with me sipping coffee on sat morning...let's see for lunch saturday i had the other half of my tuna sub (my inner recessionista coming out- i usually don't do leftovers)...

it was actually even better the day after :) to my suprise, jon brought me an afternoon pick-me up...

a cranberry orange cookie (cookie saturday? hah)! anddd another coffee! yayyy!

after work i went home and did level 1 of the shred- i was bored and the gym closes at 4 on sats- booo! jon and i decided to do sushi for dinner- the perfect saturday night activity :)

i started off with a jumbooo iced green tea, obvi. they do these little designs out of the straw wrappers and use them as toppers- mine was a rose and jon's was some swirly wirly thingy.

for dinner i had the "four's company", which an appetizer sampler. it had two summer rolls (tofu and pork), a crisy roll, and steamed chicken and veggie dumplings (served with 2 types of sauce). my eyes were obviously bigger than my stomach because i only ate about half of it- twas delish though!

on our way home we stopped by blockbuster and picked up "the haunting in connecticut" and "observe and report". we also made a pit stop at carvel (i had never had it before) and got a medium vanilla soft serve for jon and i to split while watching a movie. we popped in the scary one first, obvi- i am a scary movie freakkk! love them! and opened our ice cream...

looks like a special someone wanted in on the deal too...we let him lick the cup when we were finished :) carvel was awesomeeeeee! and so was the movie!

i spent all day sunday at the beach club lounging by the pool with my mom and lunching with a friend from hs who was in town with her mom. it was such a relaxing, but HOT, day!! for lunch i had a chopped spinach salad- soooooo good and refreshing! we got home from the pool around 6 (good thing i wore lots o sunscreen!) and mom and i decided to go see "fame". yes, i am a movie geek- i just loveee going to the movies! we split a popcorn & diet coke and thought the movie was adorable.

yesterday was another typical monday- work, gym, gossip girl. i did 60 min of cardio and 30 min of strength and then went home, showered, and met my friend katy to pick up panera take out. we brought it back to my house and feasted on soup and salad while drowning our lives in the lives of the upper east siders. i had half of the chopped chicken salad and a cup of tomato soup. YUM! i ate every last bite :)

exciting happening of the day was when i got home to find a package from POM at my doorstep!

it was four samples of their new pomx iced coffee products! "POMx Iced Coffee is a delicious blend of Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Arabica coffee, a stimulating dose of caffeine, and the antioxidant power of POMx."

it comes in three flavors- cafe au lait, chocolate, & vanilla (new!). i cannot wait to try these babies! thanks blue :)
i am currently sitting at work trying to decide what i want to eat for lunch (story of my life)...this could take a while...ta-ta lovies!
ps- check out abby's amazing grass giveaway


  1. I can not wait to read your post about pomx iced coffee! i need something to substitute my awful starbucks habit and im hoping those will be it!

    ok so do not laugh but i have been on amazon the past couple days checking out roller skates!! if i get some you will be the first to know.

  2. I am excited to hear about the POMx.. You are getting so many samples.. I need to start contacting these companies :-)

  3. Looking forward to hearing about the POMx.

    I love Carvel! I used to get the Fudgy The Whale ice cream cakes on my birthday when I was little.

  4. love to hear what you think about the iced POM, i heard mixed reviews!!

  5. I love scary movies too! That one is coming up on my Netflix.

    I can't wait to try those coffees. Yum! Let us know what you think.

  6. Yummm cranberry orange cookie... I still need to get some of the POM coffee drinks.. I have yet to try them but they sound sooo good!

  7. Sushi and ice cream-two of the best eats in the world!

  8. Thanks for the link back lovely - I adore your blog!

  9. Lots of fun stuff going on. Carvel is such a great treat! I use to get it when I was little with tons of sprinkles ;) Interested to hear what you think of the POM coffee....Josh and I were a little disappointed

  10. thank you for the congrats!

    Also they were sampling the instant coffee in chocolate milk? Why have they not done this at my starbucks? Lame!

  11. mmmm love your sushi date night! I've never had summer rolls and I'm not even sure what they're about haha but they sound pretttty friggn good! Thanks for checking out my blog girl!


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