July 23, 2009

back in action

so after work on tuesday, jon and i (and ollie, obvi) headed to tampa for the night (had to pick up mom from her bfs- she likes when we drop her off and pick her up because she says it saves her money not having a car there haaaa smart momma). we got there around 8 and met up with mom, bf, and friends at datz. datz is a gourmet deli and food market and is absolutely amazing. they have a great selection of cheese, wines/beers, and the BEST pastries (and i am not even a pastry person). for dinner i had a veggie sandwich- grilled portabello mushroom, grilled asparagus, roasted red & yellow peppers, and melted jarlsberg cheese on a batard. it was really good, although i would have preferred it on whole grain bread (i'm not a fan of white). the sandwiches come with homemade "sweet n salty" potato chips that are ridiculously good! jon had a beef brisket sandwich with coleslaw and melted jarlsburg on pumpernickel and LOVED it (i had a bite and it was delishhhh). the sandwiches are HUGEEEE and we both took half of ours home. when we got back to j's (moms bf), mom had a made a carrot cake so everyone dove in for dessert. i had a few bites and was fulllllllllll. like uncomfortably full :( i hate when i do that.

we woke up and took ollie for a nice, long walk which felt really good (although it was reallllly warm out). we then went to the st. petersburg yacht club for and early lunch. i had a tom, basil. mozz omelette with a side of fruit- fab!! i was still full from dinner so i only ate about half of it. then we discovered the plate of homemade mini corn muffins and mini pecan sticky buns on the table...OMGGGGGGG! heaven! i have never eaten something so good in my life :) happiness...mom and i never eat things like that (especially both being diabetics), but we couldn't help ourselves. we then went for a nice little morning drive around st. pete (love it there), but had to get going because i had to be back by late lunch time for a dog sitting job. i was soooo stuffed on the ride home and didn't really feel well- i had just eat way too much in the past 24 hours! i ended up eating a bowl of cream of rice (w/ almond milk & bluebs) for dinner at about 9pm- def hit the spot.

this morning i had a bowl of puffed rice with almond milk for breaky. yum yum. another long day of work ahead of me...is it friday yet??? ALMOST :) ttfn.

ps- didn't even go shopping in tampa/st. pete! meaning no moola spent! yay for me!

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