July 18, 2009

no plans

so the store is dead today...i don't understand why people wouldn't want to spend their saturdays shopping for fabulous shoes and clothes?...i mean HELLO PEOPLE, i sure would! i started off the morning with two toasted sesame rice cakes with almond butter- very satisfying :) the bf brough me lunch about an hour ago- egg white omlette with tomatoes and cheese- my FAV! it came with hash browns (which i had a few nibbles off, bad bad girl!) and ww toast, which i have yet to eat. i'm sure i will snack on it later as it feels like 5 o'clock is never going to come :( boo! no exciting plans for the evening yet, which i am actually very excited about! i'm going to the gym after work, obvi (my gym closes at 4 on saturdays so i use the gym at my grammys place- it is so quiet & i'm always the only one there, i love it!). i will probably also run the bridge (a nice two miles), depending on the weather. not sure what dinner will be, but i am craving quinoa so i'm thinking of making a quinoa & black bean dish. we'll see what the night brings...ttfn

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