July 24, 2009

arbys salad?!?

tgif :) this week feels like it has been going on for ever and everrrrr....i hit up the gym after work yesterday- 5 min on bike, 20 on treadmill, 40 on elliptical...wasn't in the mood for strength training so i have to catch up tomorrow and this weekend. i met up with my mom at tj maxx for a quick run through- nothing (which is a good thing)! we had planned on going home and making a nice dinner but by the time we were done shopping we were tired and grumpy and decided to grab a quick bite. normally i am not a fast food person but last night was an exception- we wanted something quick & easy so we drove to arbys (shhhh don't tell). i had a chicken fajita wrap that was suprisingly AWESOME! it had roasted chicken, red & green peppers, onions, and monteray jack cheese all wrapped up in a warm pita- YUM! and not half bad (health-wise) for fast food. mom had a salad- don't laugh, i know you're thinking SALAD...from a fast food place? ha- but arbys has reallllly FRESH salads. she loved it. after dinner jon met me to walk the fitness trail on the beach. we did an easy two miles and it was really relaxing. i headed back to my dog sitting job and was out like a light :)

i skipped breaky this morning because i was STILL full from dinner. i ended up being hungry by 11 so i had a piece of ww toast with pb- hit the spot. work is still slow so ive been trying to keep myself busy by doing odds and ends...i decided to grab lunch around 2- another salad from chelseas. the usual- romaine, edamame, chickpeas, carrots, red cabbage, egg, cheese, and chinese noodles (i really need to work on giving these up, but they're just sooooo good- i love to have that crunch in my salad). it's almost 5 (thankkkk gooodddness) and then im off to the gym (yaayyy). i'm planning on going to see the ugly truth tonight so i'll let you know how it is...ttfn.

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