July 16, 2009

bye bye blog virginity

i've given in, obvi- i finally have my own blog. why, you ask? i don't really have an answer for that. i am a facebook junkie...and a twitter junkie- so i guess this is something else that just sparked my interest. i want to share my journey of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while trying to control my outrageous spending habits at the same time. i am a diabetic and also have polycystic ovarian syndrome. i always was happy with my weight until my first year of college- a combination of unhealthy eating and the recent diagnosis of pcos made me gain about 35 pounds. the weight came on all at once and was quite a shock. i tried to act like it didn't bother me, but i hated getting dressed in the morning and hated taking pictures. i gained so much weight in my face that its not like i could hide the weight in pictures by leaving my lower body out. i was totally in denial. i didn't want to accept all this weight i had suddenly gained. so instead of hitting the gym, i hit the stores and bought babydoll tops- lots and lots of them (i also have a spending problem, ha). that was six years ago and although i have lost most of the weight, i still have not reached my happy weight. this blog is my journey to reach that goal weight and be happy and healthy at the same time. i will also discuss my love of shopping and my attempt at controlling my spending during these hard economic times.

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