July 19, 2009

that's what i love about sundays

so after getting all excited yesterday for my quinoa dish, i got home and realized i only had quinoa flakes and quinoa pasta :( and i was def not up for a trip to publix! i decided to go with amy's black bean and veggie enchiladas that i found in my freezer. i had never had these before and OMG i have a new fav! these were awesome and soooo filling (and they only had 160 calories!). i am all excited though because on the back of the quinoa flake box i noticed a recipe for quinoa-banana muffins that sound amazing- i just need to stop by the store and pick up some quinoa flour and i am all set for some baking experiments :)

i got a call last night from a client of my mom's saying that she needed someone to take her friends to the airport this morning so i offered my services- not knowing that they needed to be picked up at 5 am! i am sooo not a morning person- especially on sundays! i thought about how much i need the money though and sucked it up. 4:15am came too quickly and i sort of stumbled out the door...thank goodness they were flying out of melbourne, fl so the trip was quick and easy. i was back in bed by 6:40 am and didn't wake up again until NOON! wow i haven't slept that late in a LONG time. it felt good though :) i made an awesome bowl of cream of rice for brunch- it had chia seeds, a tiny bit of almond milk, agave nectar, and a half a nanner- MMMMMM, awesome! now i'm getting ready to head to the gym- i'm in need of a hardcore, stress-relieving workout...then home for laundry and homework. i love sundays :)

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