July 19, 2009

take me on the floor

so i had an awesome workout today! i did 15 min on bike, 20 min on elliptical, and 45 on treadmill- it felt great and was just what i needed to get back on track after this mornings early airport jaunt. i also just uploaded some rockin tunes to my ipod so that makes working out even bettttter! even though most of my playlist is hip-hop, i am loving the veronica's "take me on the floor"! really gets me goingggg!

after the gym i hit up young's produce and got one box spring mix, one box baby spinach, one zucchini, one bigggg red pepper, one jicama, and one vidalia onion (the lady also threw in a free lemon) all for $5.20- yesssss :)

i guess i was in avoidance of laundry and a writing assignment so after young's i hit up tj maxx instead of going right home. i had two things to return (go me!), but ended up leaving with four (typical). in good news i didn't spend any money and actually left with a $10 credit! i got an uber comfty pair of adias exercise capris, a couple sports bras (on clearance!!!!!), and a book for myself called "sag harbor" which i am sooo excited to read.

i wanted dinner to be easy since it had to be ready by 8 (when the new LiLo movie "Labor Pains" premieres on ABCFam- duhhhhhhhh). i made an awesome salad- spring mix, a scoop of organic garlic hummus, a tiny bit of salsa, a big scoop of pico di gallo, shredded jarlsburg- and topped it with an amy's american veggie burger. the salad was delish, although the burger wasn't anything special and nothing i am going to run out to buy again.

okay commercial is overrrr, back to lindz :) ttfn.

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