July 16, 2009

go shawty, its ya burfday

i woke up late this morning so grabbed some whole wheat toast and iced tea for breakfast on my way to work. i added some almond butter and grape jelly to my toast- yum :) work has been so slow lately- i work full time at a boutique in a very small seasonal town so the summer is DEAD here. boringgggg. since i ate a little late this morning i wasn't ready for lunch until about 2:30. i had an amy's tofu scramble in a pocket sandwich. it had red peppers and shitake mushrooms in it- total yum and very filling (with only 180 calories!!). i'm off to the gym after work- i'm actually looking forward to it because i just downloaded an amazing new playlist to my ipod. i skipped the gym yesterday because i went shopping with a friend in palm beach and didn't get back until late. good news though- i didn't buy anything for myself- YAY! that is major for me...especially considering the fact that they had soo many bomb sales going on. i did buy some things for the bf though- it's his BIRTHDAY today. i am not sure what we are doing tonight but i did make a "Double Chocolate Brownie Cake" last night for him. i definitely won't be having any tonight but i'll let you know what he thinks :)

jon & i (last oct)

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