July 21, 2009

the ZOO

sorry about not blogging yesterday night, buttttttt my kitten had KITTENS :) wooster is only 10 1/2 months and she had her first litter of kittens yesterday afternoon. my house is literally a ZOO. she was supposed to get spayed on july 2nd, but by the time we got her to the vet she had already done the nasty with a neighborhood cat. i should have known my cat would be a slut- loveeees it! she gave birth to four gorgeoussss kitties- i'm not even a huge cat person but there is just something about babies that i loveeeee.

they are to diiieeeeee for. and wooster is such a proud and happy mother- she can't stop purrrrrring! seeing her give birth and nurture her new children is just beauitfulllll. sorry for being sappy...oliver was soooooo excited for his new brothers and sisters (who knows at this point) to arrive!

here he is waiting to see them :) tooooooo cute!

i went right home after work to see the kitties and planned on skipping the gym because of all of the excitement. at 6pm i was itching for the gym though and decided to sneak out for a quick workout. i did 30 min on elliptical (high incline, high resistance), 15 min on bike (fat burn workout), and 15 min on treadmill (2 min walk, 3 min run routine). i was really happy i went- i felt great afterwards! i wanted to make a quick and easy dinner since "the bachelorette- the men tell all" was on at 8 (i am obsessseddddd with bachelor/bachelorette- such a guilty pleasure). i made ezekiel spaghetti with a ricotta/parm tomato sauce topped with chopped & sauteed veggies (tomatoes, red pepper, onion, zuchinni, & fresh spinach)- absolutely awesome! i was sooooo full though- pasta always does that to me. i didn't end up going to sleep until about 1am! ahhh so late for me, but ollie & i just couldn't stop playing with wooster and the kitties- i know, i'm a freak.

i was up bright and early with all of the animals today :) everyone is happy and healthy- although i don't think ollie slept much. he waited by the bathroom door all night (mom & babies are in a bed in the bathtub so they are safe from the dogs). he was very excited to give all of the kittens their morning kisses. wooster was purring sooo loud that it was echoing throughout my whole room practically. i made a bowl of cream of rice for breaky (same thing i had yesterday- amond milk, agave nectar, chia seeds, & bluebs) and it was amazing again. the bluebs were sooo sweet and delish! now i am sitting at work (which is dead again! ugh!) thinking about going to get an largeeee iced tea because my eyes are getting heavy...ttfn

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