July 17, 2009


so work could not have gone by any slower this afternoon-i feel like its always that way on fridays! today was the day of nutcases though...first a group of women with fannypacks- never a good sign. a short while later a lady came and tried on a pair of DVF wedges that were marked to half off (this is her second time in to visit them) and was hassling me to mark them down even more for her. i thought about it for a short (very short) second until i saw that she was carrying a BIRKIN bag- i mean c'mon lady take your complaints and birkin elsewhere. nice try. to top off the cake though was the bimbo from beverly hills (as she kept pointing out) that kept calling the store. she too wanted these (at this point) g-damn dvf wedges- however she was trying to get me to mark them to 75% percent off for her because she claimed that she got them from dvf.com at this price but they sent her a size too big and then didn't have her proper size to replace them with. so i go to the dvf site to verify this- nice try b*tch, they only have them at 40% off (even LESS than we have them marked down). she then proceeds to call us back at least four times before 2pm to ask us over and over again to make an exception for her and tell us that we weren't being very "accomodating". ha good one. she then decides that maybe, just maybe, she will order them but she needs them there by monday (she is allllllll the way in california...in BEVERLY HILLS, as she reminds us again) because she is going on vacation. at this time im like okay babe you live in bh AND are about to embark on a vacation and you need a LaRgEr discount?!? i don't think so! so i go to our ups program and find out that to get it there by monday it will be $103.42- almost as much as the shoes! i pass on the info to her and she proceeds to tell me that i am wrong and that she is going to call ups because it should be $20! okay so by like her 6th call (a gross underestimate) i think she finally realizes that she is wrong in every way but still tries to make ME feel like a ding-dong. too bad i don't fall for losers like this. to cut the story short (yes this IS the highly condesnsed version)- she bought the shoes! but had them sent regular mail ($20!!). hmm she only spent 30 minutes telling me about how she NEEDED them for her vacation on monday. oh well guess she will have fug shoes on vacay. ha serves her right. have fun in your dollhouse sandals honey ;)


  1. HAHA i love you. i wish we could've teamed up against this lady together! xxx

  2. haha omg ash i just noticed this comment- so glad you read my blog lol wish u had been here too. miss you :(


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