July 17, 2009

broke is the new black

so i was shopping in palm beach the other day (for the bf's bday, not for myself- im TRYING to behave) and i saw this tank with "broke is the new black" on it. i thought it was cute/funny and such a clever idea. i wanted one until i saw the $24 price tag and realized that if i really am broke i cannot afford to spend that on a silly tank that i will probably never wear in public. they also had one that said "red white and broke" on it. not cute. i was just looking for a pic of the top and found out that they are on SALE (my favorite word, EVER) on urbanoutfitters.com for $14.99!

in typical whitney form i placed one in my "shopping basket", but then realized $14.99 is still $14.99 and i DON'T need this. my closest door doesn't close (and i have a walk-in!!!)- it is over-flowing. i also have clothes racks all over my room and you can barely see my floor because it is covered with shoes. i just have to say no. that is $14.99 towards a new balenciaga bag...or student loans- yuck! i also saw that they had one of these shirts for MEN- a tight black v-neck that said the same thing! barf, vomit, puke. how gross is that? please tell me that no man has actually purchased one of these. what is with this whole guys wearing tight tees? i don't get it and never will. its not manly, nor attractive. total turn-off guys- don't do it. k, thanks :)

so enough about shopping- the bf's birthday went really well last night. he wanted to go out but i had planned for us to stay in so i suprised him with a sushi picnic on my bed. he had a spicy crab roll and an "orlando" roll (tempura wahoo with veggies and spicy mayo but he gets no veggies- typical male). i had the tuna mochi which is tuna and kani tartare on a rice crisp topped with wasabi and roe (you get five little crisps)- YUM :) we then had a relaxing evening and watching "knowing" with nicolas cage- good at first but then total got weirdddd at the end. don't rush out to rent it. as for today...i wasn't hungry when i woke up so i didn't eat until about 11:30 am. i had two slices of ww toast with almond butter and jam with an iced tea, obvi. it's now 2:45 and i'm going to have a yogurt for lunch- yoplait now makes a PEAR flavor and although i usually don't like sweet yogurts i just have to try this one. 5 o'clock can't come soon enough...gym, then home to play with my puppies and relax :) ta ta for now.

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