July 17, 2009

t g i f

after such a stressful (well more annoying than stressful) day at work, i headed to the gym for a much needed workout. i was a little rushed because i had to be at the bf's parents house at 7 for his bday din- family style. i managed to squeeze in 45 minutes on the treadmill before i had to head home. i split my time between speed-walking (4.0 pace on a 15 incline- the highest), running (4.6, no incline), and sprinting (6.0, no incline). it felt awesome- although i kept getting a whiff of the girl next to me that smelled like a big blob of bubblegum (i swear she had on some bubblegum body mist from like walgreens. you know that kind that you used have your mom buy you from there in middle school? it came in weird scents like that (birthday cake) and you thought you were all that wearing it) it didn't help that she was wearing a bright pink shirt either. yuck.

din din was delish, but very filling. bacon-wrapped filet, baked potatoes, and a summer salad. stk & pots is def not my typical meal, but an awesome treat none the less. i ate about 3/4 of my filet (bacon removed) and it was actually awesome because it was soo rare- just how i like it. i also had about 1/4 of a baked potato (no toppings) and all of my salad, as usual. the salad had romaine, apple slices, strawberry slices, mandarin oranges, and roasted pecans in it, served with a vinaigrette. total YUM :) the bf & i had to stop at wal-mart on the way home (ughhhhh don't even say anything. GROSS) to grab some necessities- cat food, dog biscuits, and razor blades. i was excited to find a gallon of almond milk there for $2.74 though- woo hoo :) now i'm curled up on the couch watching some deadliest catch re-runs. i'm about to doze off. night night. ps- HI MOM :)

btw- that pear yoplait that i was so excited to try earlier was a definite NO GO :( when i took my first bite i noticed that it had a huge chunks of what i guess were supposed to be pear. first of all, i hateeee fruit on the bottom yogurts and this one did not even advertise itself as one (those tricksters!!!). second of all, this was nottt pear- it was like a cold, crunchy square of nothing that i guess yoplait hoped you would believe was pear. this yogurt also tasted like 100% sugar :( nothing worse than that. so if you were planning on trying it- i suggest going with something else.

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