August 3, 2009

where's waldo? oops i mean whitney...

sorry i have been mia...things have been uber crazy around here. this semester at school is almost over so of course they are over loading me with work- most busy work that i can't believe i am paying thousands of dollars to do. im beginning to think a lot of college is a pile of poo! not to too my own horn or anything but i already know most of what these classes are teaching me- except math, that is my exception :( i also went to the mountains in north carolina for 4 days (will post pics later) and had no cell service/internet access for the most part- lots of fun there, veryyyy beautiful (although i'm not sure about the whole altitude thing). now it's monday and i'm back to work (really i was back to work on saturday, but it was nice to have yesterday off)...i had an awesome workout at the gym yesterday (13 min warm up on bike, 30 min on treadmill, 30 min on eliptical, and lotsss of much needed strentgth training). i had been in almost a week-because of vacay! although i did do a lot of walking on the i wasn't hungry for breakfast (probably because i didn't eat my amy's veg barley for dinner until 10 last night!) so i didn't eat until about 1230pm today. i had a scoop of chicken salad (w/ fruits and nuts) and one small slice of Ezikiel bread. total yum yum! since im going for a hard workout after work i decided i better eat a snack as well; at 330 i had a small organic banana with almond butter- o faceeeeeeee! work has been slow today but it allowed me to get a lot of ME stuff done- catch up on emails, pay my car registration, do some banking work (i recently switched banks so had to re-do allllllll of my things that are automatically withdrawn), more homework, twittered/fbooked (OBVI), etc etc...well its almost 5 (yay!) and im off to the gym...ttfn

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