August 28, 2009

lean machineeee

i am usually very skeptical of products such as lean cuisine, and try to stay away from anything that is cooked in a microwave. however, i've been at the store alone a lot lately (it's slow season for us), so i don't get to go out and grab lunch. it's always nice to have something in the freezer just to grab on my way out the door when im rushing and don't have time to make anything. i did a quick grocery shopping when i got back from vacay and grabbed a few of the lc breakfast paninis. i usually try to stear clear of the ones with meat in them (microwaved meat? total EW!), but the tiny bits (and i mean tiny) of ham and sausage in these didn't turn me away.

today i had the "denver-style" panini which consisted of scrambled egg whites, honey ham, peppers (green & red), onions, and cheddar cheese sauce (this made me never, i despise cheese "sauces") on parmesan-flavored multigrain bread. the verdict: pretty freakin' good for a 280 calorie, 8g fat, 5g fiber, $2.50 lunch! i'd def try these again. i bought a sausage kind as well that is sitting in my freezer, so i will def bring that out on another hectic morning.
my mom brought ollie by for a visit at lunch time :) no better way to eat my lunch than with my son at my side (he managed to snag a tiny cube of ham that fell out of the sammie)! i planned on eating a banana with lunch for my daily potassium, but ended up being totally full after the panini so i passed. i will probably snack on the naner before the gym later. just watched the rachel zoe project (LOVE LOVE LOVE that show). LOVE having a tv at my store for times when it is quiet. okay real housewives of atl is on now, im off...

ps- tgif :) what are everyone's plans for the weekend?

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