August 28, 2009

20 days in a nutshell

okay so i have been terrible about blogging lately- life has been uber busy. i am going to sum up the past 20 days (my last post was on the 8th) as quickly and painlessly as possible :) my birthday was the 9th- i'm 24? ahhh that's frightening. i had an amazing day- lunch at the club, laid by the pool, dinner w/ fam & friends, AND...the bf got me the best gift ever! the gorg turquoise chanel wallet i had been eyeing- yes, he is a gem. be jeal :) on a sad note, we lost one of the kittens on the morning of the 12th :( little blackey is now an angel in heaven. we're not sure what happened. she just didn't wake up. i cried for hours, but it was out of my control and i have to remember she is watching over us now. okay i can't talk about it- on to happier times. on the 13th momma sue and i headed to vermont to my god sister's wedding- holy wow, it was incredible! i had never been to manchester- i feel in love. what an adorable little town. and to my suprise it was an "outlet town"- the whole town was filled with designer outlets! got an awesome dress and classy pair of high waisted shorts at burberry, a few things at lily, and a gorg dress at RL. yay! the wedding was breathtaking. it was at abe lincoln's son Todd's mansion (called hildene). BEAUTIFUL! food was awesome. dancing was funnnnn (band was amazing- they played at caroline kennedy's wedding!!!). saw old friends, made new ones. best wedding i've been to thus far in my life. on the 17th we headed to the HAMPTONS (where i am from) and we're there for a week- def not long enough, but i had to get back to work. trip ROCKED! mingled with the likes of seinfeld, paul mccartney, some hiltons. even got a glimpse of sjp's twins! (will post pics of trip soon- i know i know, i am world's slowest uploader). shopped A LOT, but only bought a little (trying to behave, remember). got an amazinggg jumpsuit at emma cain- it's lovee. few new pairs of shoes (lots of jack r's, michael kors pumps, tory flats). a lamptons tee at blue & cream. a few beauty products here and there. gifts for the bro and the bf. i think that's about it. i tried to be on my best behavior, for my bank accounts sake. i did see an amazingggg navy prada bag that i was drooling over, but college tuition is more important (i keep telling myself that). okay so now i'm back to my regular life. working all day. gyming it up (i love how i packed my gym clothes to bring on vacay yet never saw them until i was unpacking at home. who has time to excercise on vacay? although, shopping is a good workout- ha). eating. sleeping. etc etc. hopefully i will be keeping up with my blogs from now on. i really enjoy putting my life out there for everyone to enjoy (hopefully, ha.).

i ate pretty well on vacation. i usually eat a lot less than i do at home because i am so busy running around socializing (and shopping). the food i did eat though was AMAZING. the north just knows how to do healthy food right. i'm getting back to my normal schedule now, although i haven't been uber hungry lately. today i didn't have breakfast (as most of you have noticed, or will see, i'm not a huge morning eater. breakfast foods are my FAV, just not at breakfast time). i am currently sipping on coffee (i'm getting back to my coffee habit. but now i'm doing half reg half decaf) and had a few pb filled pretzels at about 11. i brought a lean cuisine breakfast panini for lunch so i'll prob chow down in a few hours. ta ta for now.

ps- anyone have any fab tempeh recipes? i've been dying to try it, but need some ideas...


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Love your name as well! ;) I will be keeping up with you now that I know you exist!

  2. Wow you have been a busy girl!! I have a shopping problem too :-( I am trying soo hard not to buy anything for a month but it is soo tough!!

  3. ugh i know- sooo tough! the more i tell myself not to buy, the more i want to haha the troubles of being a female...


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