August 31, 2009

monday funday??

yesterday's workout was exactly what i needed- i left the gym feeling AWESOME. 45 min on bike, 15 min of high incline on the treadmill, and 20 min of strength. i was a sweaty mess! after the gym i had to run to radio shack to get a memory card for my bberry and some guy started hitting on me- i guess sweatyness is a good look for me! HA! yuck. i spent the late afternoon and evening at my grammy's- trying to liven her up a little. i brought the kitties with me to visit her (i'm trying to get her to keep one and i think it's working!!!). being the nice granddaughter that i am i offered to make her dinner- scrambled eggs and an english muff with marmalade. i thought she needed a change from her typical fetticini alfredo lean cuisine that she usually eats. i didn't end up getting home until 830 and could not decide what to make for dinner. my original plan was quinoa topped with red beans & a little bit of shredded cheese with a salad on the side, but it was too late to put all that together. progresso tuscan chicken soup was the easy way out. this is a new kind that they offer as having "HIGH FIBER", and it was actually delish! it had tons of white beans- which i love! i had a piece of toast on the side and was stuffedddd by the time i finished it. no picture- i forgot.

haven't eaten yet this morning- brought a peach and an amy's pocket sandwich for lunch. okay must get back to work- we're redoing our website, so check it out- - well actually give us about a week, and thennnn check it out :) ta ta.

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