August 6, 2009


okay so people are really bugging me these days...and by people i mean lame customers that come into my store wanting me to think that they are God's gift to this world. wow, you drive what? a RANGE ROVER? you're life must be pretty amazing, because nobody else drives those. i mean come on ladies, 16 old public schoolers in this town have nicer RR's than you. nice try. oh what? you spent the summer where? EUROPE? that is just unbelieveable! you must be veryyyyy special. wait, you want what? for me to give you these amazing brand new designer platforms at a discounted price? I DON'T THINK SO CHEAP-O's! please take your pathetic selves to someone who will actually pay attention and bargain with you- perhaps a YARD SALE...

sorry for the rant, but it is just getting ridiculous. I am the one that is God's gift...not YOU.

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