August 29, 2009

love affair with a bag

this morning came way too quickly. i literally felt like i had just dozed off when my alarm went off. i walked annie (the dog i'm sitting for) and fed her breakfast and was off to my own house to get ready for work. i lounged around for a while with ollie and the kitties and caught up on a few hamptons mags (my fav). i spent hours last night on balenciaga (prob the reason why i am so tired this morning) eyeing bags that i'm lusting after. why did God give me this problem? why can't i want NOTHING? we all know that will never be me so no use worrying about why i am the way i am. i decided that the giant city bag is the one. ha who i am kidding i am certainly not in the financial position to get it now- i need to start playing powerball i guess...and it doesn't help that i also want a ysl croc muse two bag, a ysl studded satchel, andddd a prada brief case bag. too bad they don't offer shopaholics anon around my neck of the woods. meet my next lover- the turq giant city bag...

at $1695, i am only $1694 away from it. sighhhhhhh. maybe i should give up food for a while and save all the money for it. yesss, then i will be uber skinny AND have (another) hot bag on my arm...although my arm will probably be a stick by then. YESSSSS!

anyways, threw on a tory b dress and jack rogers and was out the door to work. where i am now. it's rainy and slow so im wasting my time away on net-a-porter. okay i need to get off the computer now and stop looking at things that i cannot afford at the moment (damn this economy). still haven't eaten yet today. will let you know when i do.

ps- happy birthday michael jackson :)


  1. OMG i have a love affair with bags too! seriously thats my down fall. i just yesterday got a new vera bradely "school" bag. HA!!!!

    uh girl i need that bag that you have on your post. that color is to die for! :)

    who's your favorite designer?

  2. lol omg i love to get "school" bags!! i know, isn't that bag gorgeousssssss? i need it LOL wow i don't know if i could name just one fav designer. i love the classics- chanel & ysl are timeless. and matthew williamson and balenciaga are just fun to look at- like art :) haa guess i need to marry rich! who is/are your fav designer(s)???


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