August 3, 2009

is it really only monday?

so my hardcore workout at the gym turned into a total of 30 min (20 on treadmill, 10 on elliptical) because i had low blood sugar- ughh i hate when that happens! i was really in the mood to be at the gym for like at least 2 hours. so i got home and had a pick me up of puffed rice cereal with almond milk- oh so yummy!! then my mom invited me to dinner with she and her friends so of course i said yes to a free meal. we went to a place called dockside which is casual dining on the river (burgers, salads, steaks, etc). our waitress was driving me crazy. she didn't really know about the menu and had to keep looking at her pad when telling us about the specials- sooo unprofessional...blah i was turned off at that point. i decided to have the flatbread with roasted red peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, and goat cheese (it was supposed to come with feta but i like goat cheese much better). mom had a burger and sweet potato fries, debbie had a tuna burger with homemade potato chips, and victoria had a caesar salad and scallops. we all licked our plates clean- mine was nothing special, but i was starvinggg by the time we ate because we talked so much that we didnt order until about 9! i wanted to run the bridge when i got home but it was raining so that didnt work out so well. now im in bed cuddling with ollie and am contemplating whether or not i want to go to the gym before work tomorrow...we will see...okay time for shark week- xoxo

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