August 29, 2009

my name in bright lights

finally got hungry around 1:30. the bf happened to be here for a visit so i had him run down to cravings (a little ice cream cafe down the street). my stomach was feeling a little funny so i kept it simple- whole wheat toast, fruit cup, and iced coffee w/ a tinyyy bit of skim. the toast was extremely think, but soo delish. by the time i finished it, i had no room for the fruit cup. guess that will be my late afternoon snack. my tummy feels better now too- guess i needed a little something in there.

5 o'clock can't come soon enough- this rainy weather is making me extremely sleepy. it also hinders the customer traffic :( on a good note, this helped me catch up on episodes of "khloe and kourtney take miami" that i had missed. love it. i feel like i would fit right in with that family- i could be the long lost fair-skinned blonde sistaahhhh! i really think i need to be on a reality show- preferably my own (if the kardash's wont have me). i just know it's my calling.

back to work...ta ta for now.


  1. Hey! thanks for leaving me a comment! Well as of right now, I am eating meat. When I became a vegetarian I lost about 30 pounds... You really have to make a constant conscious effort to get a lot of protein! I was severely lacking... Make sure you are getting enough calories too.. because as I vegetarian I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables, and not enough calorie dense foods.. so I was only eating about 1600 calories a day- which was clearly not enough! But Im sure you'll do fine.. just make sure your diet stays well rounded and healthy!!!

  2. thanks for the advice!!! maybe i'm just meant to stick with meat haha :) xo

  3. Nice to meet you! That had to be hard growing up with diabetes, its hard enough as an adult!

    Hang in there! I'll put you on my blog roll so I can keep tabs on you! :D

  4. awe thanks, once i start one youll def be on mine :)


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