August 28, 2009


so after work i came home and vegged for a while. ol and i needed some mother/son time :) unfortunately this caused me to snack (my worstttt habit) and i had a small bag of choc. chip animal crackers. they were amazing :) so worth it. i finally got my butt up around 645 and headed to the gym. i did 30 tough minutes on the bike and then 15 on the treadmill (totally forgot that the gym closed at 8 on friday so they kind of shooed me out the door). i was watching e! news at the gym (obvi) and found out that dj am died :( soooooo sad. his family and friends are in my prayers.

i had no idea what to throw together for dinner tonight. i was originally thinking chopped salad, but i've had that three nights in a row so it was def time for a break. when i walked in from the gym my mom was making soft boiled eggs and i decided to join. we made egg n' toast bowls- scoop eggs from shell, chop them up in bowl, then mix in bread pieces and a little s & p. the bread soaks up the yolk and it gets all mushy- it was AHHHHH-MAZING.

the picture does not do this yumminess justice- camera phone pics never do. i really need to get my camera up and running- def putting that on the agenda for sunday. anyways im off to a dog-sitting job. got to make that monaayyyy honnnaayyy :) night.

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