August 31, 2009

the whitney olive project

so i decided against another microwaveable lunch (sorry annie's) and my fab boss offered to run out and get us hooked on subs (the BEST ever!!). she had a tuna melt and i had a roast turket and provolone salad with shredded lettuce (my all time fav), carrots, tomato, cukes, hot peppers, s&p, oregano, and vinegar. YUMMMMMMMMMM! hit the spot. arianne (the fab boss) also brought me a suprise dessert- a small vanilla fro yo with granola! even more YUMMMMMMM! def made my day :)
we've been getting a lot of work done and the store today- yay! i love feeling productive. i tried on a pair of current elliott jeans that i've been dying for...and now that i tried them on, i am dying for them EVEN MORE! ahh!
here's a pic of them i found on net-a-porter- what do you think? i love that they keep the stud detail simple- the back of the jeans is plain. and hello- those balmain boots?!? sooo bomb! dear santa.....ha!
well i'm off to the gym after work and then home to make dinner. i found a recipe for a grilled mediterranean portabello burger that i want to try- that may be too much effort for me tonight though. i mean hellooooo after a days work and a workout- who the heck wants to have to go grocery shopping (i have very few of the ingred's at home), make dinner and then clean up? not moi, that's for sure. we'll see how the evening goes.
ps- the rachel zoe project at 10pm- YESSSS :)


  1. love, love, love your blog! i added it to my blogroll! <3 jil

  2. THANKS :) love your blog as well- very jeal you live in boston!!! can't wait to read more!! once i start a blogroll, youll DEF be on mine! xo, whit


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