August 30, 2009

peachy keen

yay for sundays :) i just love my day off- but SO much to do! woke up this morning, walked and fed annie, hung out with her until lunch time, and then headed back to my house. on the way home i stopped at fresh market (we FINALLY got one in vero- it just opened on wed). i picked up 4 peaches, 2 white peaches, bag full of green beans, red leaf lettuce, and some cindi's salad dressing. then i hit up dunkin d's of course- got a coffee for mom, a large iced for me, and the bf got a vanilla creme donut (it's sunday so i let it slide ha). i wasn't hungry until 1ish and made an awesome brunch. my concoction included:
  • cabots plain greek yogurt
  • flax seed
  • tiny bit of agave nectar
  • nature's path flax maple pecan cereal (total YUM!)
  • sliced almonds
  • half a peach (they are AWESOME right now)

finished product
it rocked. i def gave ollie and cabo a bite of the yogurt too (i'm a sucker). okay, off to the gym. ta ta for now.


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