September 29, 2009


so yesterday's lunch was a classic, and my fav...

grilled cheese with tomato on w/w- OMG YUM!!! along side my samme, i had a DIET PEPSI! it has been foreverrr since ive had soda, but it was the perfecttt sidekick to a gc :)

i know i planned on eating my chobani in the morning, but i decided to save it as my afternoon delight...

strawberry chobani with udi's original granola, sliced almonds, and a few naner slices. mmmmmmmmmm. SOOOO delish! i loved the slight sweetness of this flavor- very natural tasting. thanks again chobani- i can't wait to try the rest of the flavors :D

after work i hit the gym (via tj maxx and publix) for 35 min on elliptical and 30 on bike- a much needed sweat session.

i rushed home for dancing with the stars (the first half) and gossip girl! dinner was a salad- shredded lettuce, shredded broccoli, whole broccoli, chickpeas, shredded carrots, and red cabbage.

i know the picture looks like a pile of mush- but it was absolutely amazing! i also had a slice of California complete protein toast with blackberry preserves.

welllllll, one slice turned into TWO :) nom nom.

dancing was ehhhh and gossip girl was definitely the best episode thus far this season. BUT- what is up with serena's rats nest on her head? her hair has been looking allllll kinds of funky lately. and georgina was look nast, as usual. chuck, on the other hand, was divineeeeee. sigggghhhhh :)

i've spent all morning and early afternoon being a busy bee at work. around 1ish my tummy was in definite need of foooood. obviouslyyy i pulled a chobani out of the fridge- pomegranate this time. i topped it with udi's, sliced alms, and a few naner slices (same as yesterday)...

this flavor was a tad bit sweeter than the strawberry, but it was absolutely DELICIOUS! i love that there are actual whole pom seeds in the yogurt for added antioxidants :) publix in my area NEEDS to get this flavor (help me out here chobani ;)).

i am currently nibbling on an oatmeal blueberry muffin (made with splenda and smart balance) that i picked up this morning when i got my iced coffee.

it's not bad actually...a little dry and not too much flavor, but i kind of like it. i know, i'm weird.
okay, back to work...gym at 530 and then home for 90210, THE HILLS, and THE CITY! OMG OMG heart palpitations- SOOOO excited. i gotta feelin- that tonight's gonna be a GOOD night :) ciao!
ps- wanted to let you lovies know about some current giveaways...


  1. Gossip girl was great last night!! Muffin looks delish!! Have a good workout!

  2. Aw I missed Gossip Girl. I must catch up. That muffin looks so good!

  3. I gotta hand it to ya. You're much more savvy with the Chobani creativity. And must you make me stare at grilled cheeses when I'm hungry? Blah!

  4. so funny how some of my fav meals are just throw together things...they may not look great but they are so tasty

  5. Yum on that sammie! Looks sooo good. I agree with all your opinions of GG. I didn't crush on Chuch last season, but this season he makes me swoon a little.

  6. Chobani is the bizness. I like to put the strawberry flavor in the freezer for a few minutes. It tastes like strawberry ice cream. Yum!

  7. grilled cheese with tomato is my love :) (besides peanut butter)
    I love how favorite meals are just random items together too!

  8. i want chobani right now!!!! i can't wait to try some for myself, in the mean time i suppose i'll have to live vicariously through you! hope you had an awesome day girl! :)

  9. I made a grilled cheese tonight for dinner too and it was perfecttt for such a cold night! But I tweaked it a little and did tomato, Laughing Cow, & avocado! TRY IT!!!! :) Yummmmm oatmeal blueberry muffinnnnn!


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