September 1, 2009

cheese pleaseee

been so busy at work today (this is a GOOD thing), that i haven't had time to post until now. had a lemon yogurt on the way to the gym yesterday. usually i am not a fan of yoplait yogurt- it is wayyy too sugary. BUT- i LOVE the lemon. lemon yog is one of my favs and yoplait is one of the few that i can find that make it. sweet but still yum yum.once again, the gym felt awesome yesterday. i did 30 min on treadmill, 20 on bike, and 35 on elliptical. i skipped strength because i had to be somewhere by 7, so i will def have to fit that into the workout today. stopped at fresh market (this is getting to be a bad habit) and picked up some garbanzo beans, red beans, strawberries (on sale- yay!), 2 navel oranges, and soba noodles (anybody have a good recipe to use these in?). for dinner i had black beans & rice (sad to say it was a box mixutre so added some red beans to it) w/ shredded cheese (lots as you can see- i am a cheese addict!!) and a salad (red leaf lettuce, celery, avocado, tomato, & cindi's dressing). another yummy din.watched rachel zoe at 10 (fab episode) and passed out. (btw, did anyone else LOVE this dvf clutch they showed??- yes, please). didn't sleep all that well because i had a headache and kept waking up. oh well, that is what coffee is for :) i've been so busy today and not had much of an appetite so no breaky (you'll notice i rarely eat in the morning, not my thing) and for lunch i had a banana- half w/ almond buttttaaahhh half plain. always a fav!

thankfully, it is almossssst 5 :) off to the gym and then who knows...ta ta.


  1. Hey girl!!!!

    Total congrats are in order for your workout today! :) holy wow! So proud of you!

    i spy banana and almond butter, a girl knows how to do it! lovin :)

    have a super fab night girl!

  2. ha thanks- i def need that praise when it comes to workouts. i go through phases where i love it and can't wait to go to the gym, and then there are those days where i could careless and would rather go home and vegggg (or shop!! ha thats exercise- right?!?) xo


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