September 4, 2009

all jacked up

so i know i planned on being a good girl and eating the other half of my turkey sandwich yesterday for lunch BUT...the bf called and asked if i wanted him to bring me something from kountry kitchen (this hole in the wall diner that is AMAZING). um HeLLo! how could i say no? so he brought me an egg white omlette w/ tomatoes & cheese and a side of oatmeal (it is supposed to come with hashbrowns or homefries but i get oatmeal instead). it was TO DIE FOR! i ate the omelette and then about an hour later ate the oatmeal. it also came with whole wheat toast- hello carboloaddddd! i ended up eating it on the way to the gym after work. hit the spot. i didn't remember to take a picture until AFTER i had polished everything off- oh well...i did eat the peach for a late afternoon snack- they have been soooo juicy lately! can't get enough!

my workout at the gym consisted of- 20 min treadmill, 20 min elliptical, 30 min bike. i planned on more but then had low blood sugar so went home and chugged an ice cold glass of chocolate milk (fabbbbbuuulllouuusss!!!!). i headed to tucker's and lounged for a while. i wasn't hungry until like 9pm and ended up putting a salad together- shredded lettuce, spinach, carrots, celery, chickpeas, jalepenos, tomatoes, rice noodles (random, i know), and canned all white tuna. it was bomb!

i popped in disc 2 of 90210 and jon popped us some popcorn (he probably wouldn't want you to know that he watched 90210 with me. ha. i know he secretly enjoys it!). the popcorn was smart balance, which i had never had before but jon told me it was good. dannnnnnnggg- he was right!! this tasted like movie theater popcorn! actually, even BETTER! and probably healthier :) yay, a new find!
i started off this morning with a large iced coffee from cravings :) i had bought a muffin with my coffee that i was going to have for lunch- oatmeal, walnut, granola w/ cranberries. it was made with smart balance so it was supposed to be a "healthier" muffin. okay, bad idea. it crumbled in my hand because it was SO dry, and tasted like sandpaper w/ cranberries. NASSSSSTTTTT!

so i went back to cravings and got a veggie wrap- tomatoes, lettuce, roasted red peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and swiss cheese in a spinach wrapped. i had it grilled so that the cheese melted- orgasmmmm in my mouth :D

i got an another iced coffee with lunch- a small one this time. german choc cake flavor. chicka chicka yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. okay so now i'm all jacked up on caffeine. should make for a good workout later :) anyone have an hot plans for this labor day weekend? i have to work tomorrow, so nothing too wild tonight. i am excited to have sunday and monday off- i cannot remember the last time i had a two day weekenddd!! i can't wait to relax- and hopefully hit up some labor day SALES! holla!


  1. I love ''breakfast in bed'' on saturdays on Soap channel!(mind went blank, think its SOAP)) it! Your breakfast sounded good. Your salad looks really good too.

  2. love labor day sales.. Hit up lots today..

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love yours too! I will add it to my follower!!


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