September 18, 2009

sex with a shoe

phewwww, this morning has been a whirlwind! i head to work and pick up my usual iced coffee and a muffin for later. around 11ish i was hungry and decided to chow down on the muffin.

it was another one of those flourless, sugarless "muffins" that i had had yesterday. this one was "raspberry delight"- raspberries, blueberries, & zucchini. another winner! the consistency is interesting- it's almonst a little gooey in the middle (must be the lack of flour). i am one of those weirdos that loves some things a little underdone- ie, pancakes that aren't cooked all the way through so some of the batter is still raw in the middle. YUM!

when i was finished i continued browsing through the instyle mag that i hadn't finished reading yesterday. THEN- xmas came early when SaNtA (aka the ups driver) brought me NINE boxes of goodies- tory burch, ralph lauren, and emilio pucci. AHHHH all to die for! check out some of the new rl purple label boots-

and these gorgeous new purple label heels-

holy poo- i've been having shoegasms alllllll afternoon :) doesn't get much better than this!

still not hungry for lunch. back to project runway re-runs. ta ta lovies.


  1. Is it boot season already??

    Those shoes are super cute :)

  2. Different colorful shoes is my fav to buy in the fall! love love your purple ones1

  3. omg those purple labels! i die! aaaand it's not weird to like things underdone.. they're just better that way ;)

  4. OMG I love shoes more than anything. Maybe more than food.


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