September 3, 2009

orange you glad it's almost FRIDAY

too busy to post yesterday. lots going on and work and lots going on after. it was one of those days where i felt like i could have eaten everything in sight and still not be full (don't you hate those?)! for lunch andrea (whom i work with) and i grabbed a bite from casey's- this amazing outside cafe right behind my work. i had half a turkey sandwich (on w/w with tomato, lettuce, and light honey mustard). i also had fries (BAD GIRL!!)- casey's has the BEST and i couldn't resist. i only ate about half of the small order, so not TOO bad ;)

fries we're gone by the time this pic was taken- haaaa! i also had 5 strawberries with my sammie. yum yum yum. definitely hit the spot. by the time 330 rolled around, i was hungry AGAIN! so i had an orange that i had picked up at fresh market- SO good. i'm an orange girl (i mean helllllo- i love in FL!).

after work i headed over to my bosses house because i am house/dog sitting. she has a westie named tucker who is the BESTTTTT :) we have so much fun together. tucky and i hung for a while and then i met my friend jess to go walk the bridge- a nice two miles. i wasn't in the mood for the gym, so i figured that was a nice, easy alternative. when i got home, i did upper body strength with hand weights. nothing too hard- but it still felt good. jess and i hung and had girl talk until about midnight (much needed) and then i headed to bed to start the first season of 90210 (i watched it on and off when it was on tv and now that the second season is starting i think i need to catch up). i made it through 1.5 episodes and passed out.

at the moment i am sitting at work sipping iced coffee and watching top chef las vegas (loveeee top chef!!!). brought a peach and orange to work, and may eat the other half of my turkey sandwich for lunch today. we shall see. ta ta.


  1. What do you do that yo get to watch tv at work?? I love dog sitting.. It is soo much fun and a great excuse to go for a walk!!

  2. lol i work at a womens designer boutique and we have a flat screen on the wall- with a couch and all :) love my job! but i would kill to be working in nyc- one day...

    yes dog sitting is the best! good $ and def a good excuse for a walk- you're so right!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog, yours is really cute too!


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