September 1, 2009

designer produce

not going to lie, i was kind of bored and antsy at the gym today. i did 20 min on the bike, 10 on the treadmill, and 20 min of strength. by that time i was over it and just wanted to go home, so that's what i did. i worked on a little bit of homework and watched some disturbing shows on discovery health (bad tv is a weakness of mine). dinner was simple tonight- mom's homemade chicken barley soup (with cheeessse!) and a salad (red leaf lettuce, shredded cabbage, carrots, celery, tomatoes, beets, & chickpeas). bad news- the salad tasted like straight DIRT! not sure why this happened, but after 2 bites i was over it. the soup was amazing, but i only finished about half of the mug because it was sooo filling. yum in my tum.

yes, i love eating out of mugs :) i'm cool like that. i'm supposed to be working on homework- but i keep getting distracted (this happens easily) and look at this picture i found.

like seriously? how cool would i be pulling this baby out of my lunchbox? and saying so nonchalantly- oh hey guys, yeah that's my lv nanner. and then stuffing it in my face. with some ab, obvi. i NEED an louis banana. and a fendi apple. and a dior orange. i'm going to have to suggest these to my local grocier ;) ha.

okay, i'm getting out of control. i'm going back to my cage now. good night.

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