September 5, 2009

biggest LOSAAAHHH!

so i never made it to the gym yesterday :( BUT i got my workout by shopping! duh! my mom and i (and ollie- i love that they allow dogs) hit up marshalls for some bargains. i mean come on- all the walking through the store, sifting through clothes, trying things on, reaching up on shelves, pushing carts, etc etc- that is a workout (i'm trying to convince myself, ha). i ended up buying a new hairbrush and self mag (apparantly they sell mags there now at a slightly discounted rate- yay!). goooo me- i only spend $7.42! momma sue found something interesting...

biggest loser?

a pair of size 56W ralph searsucker shorts! holy poo poo! seeing these babies was enough to keep me eating healthy and exercising!!! forever!!! my mom and i always have a fab time together and laugh our a$$es off :D she rocks!

i dropped mom and ol at home and headed to the bosses to walk tucky. the bf met me and we decided that for din we would go out to sushi. we had edamame as an app (OBVI) and then i ordered the "kiss me" tofu which was tofu sauteed in LOTS of garlic and a little bit of wine sauce and served over steamed veggies w/ brown rice on the side.

it was delishhhh! for some reason though i had like 5 bites and i was full (i did eat alottt of edamame though!), so i took it home in a doggie bag. jon had a spicy crab roll and an orlando roll (fried wahoo w/ spicy mayo)- he got both with "no veggies", typical.

i totally stole two pieces of spicy crab :) delish din! i was craving something sweet after din (this always happens when i eat thai/sushi- must be the sodium), so we went to publix and i got some blue bell pistachio almond ice cream. we went back to tuckers and i got in bed with disc 2 of 90210 (my friend jess came over to watch as well, we're both obsessed) and a mug of ice cream (ooooo ahhhhh- sooooo good!! no pic, it was gone before i thought of it, oppsey!) zzzzzz.......
as for today, i am already on my second iced coffee- 90210 is def interferring with my sleep! i get soooo hooked into trash like that. LOVE ITTTTTT! for lunch i had another veggie wrap- this time on a low carb flat out. once again, delishhhh! although it had a little too much balsamic vin on it and became quite messy.

tonight i have no plans (which i am sooo excited about)- i might go see a movie. who knows...what is everyone else doing tonight?


  1. heyy my mom's name is sue too! mmm i love edamame, it is completely perfect. hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, big pants. I think I'll do an extra workout now! lol

  3. hehe.. Sounds like fun

  4. The food looks yummy! and I love stores like Marshalls -- you can find some awesome stuff (cheap!!) and you can find TONS of clothing/accessories/random stuff to laugh at. It's amazing.

  5. marshalls rocks! i love tj's, marshalls, ross, etc


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