September 21, 2009

good girls go bad

test over...and i think i did really well- yay :)

so the red carpet last night was kind of a disappointment- let's just say there were more fashion "donts" than "dos"...i could literally sit here and show pictures of millions of stars in their dresses and critique them, BUT i am just going to show you my absolute favorite...

toni collette looked absolutely STUNNING last night in this red number. i was literally drooling over it. and, she took home a win! so congrats toni :)

okay so after i was done with red carpet madness i decided to pop in one of my new kashi pizzas in the over for a quick and easy dinner. 9 minutes later...

this Mediterranean Pizza was absolutely DELISH! it had spinach, fire-roasted red onions & sweet red peppers, four signature cheeses including feta with roasted red pepper sauce on a stone-fired Kashi Seven Whole Grains & Sesame with flax seed crust. it was quite small and i cut it into 8 tiny slices. i ate 3 and was completely satisfied. jon (who chose bagel bites instead) had a slice and actually really liked it! this musttt mean its good :)

i had to dog sit again last night so i brought a movie along to keep me entertained- sunshine cleaning with amy adams and emily blunt. LOVED it. so funny! a little bit miss sunshine-ish. i had a small bowl of smart balance popcorn while watching.

this morning jon had to work early so i decided i may as well get up early to and gym it. i actually reallllllly liked getting my workout out of the way in the morning! i did 25 min on bike and 20 on treadmill- then it was home to shower and off to work (and an iced coffee along the way). for lunch i got a typical veggie wrap- no pic, it was gone too quickly :) i had my test after work and got home around 830ish. coop (my bro) was getting take out from a local mexican restaurant, so i had him get me a dinner salad- shredded lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and sunflower seeds (i asked to add avocados, but they forgot! boo you whore!). i also threw a little bit of salsa on top!

in addition to my salad, i had 3 leftover slices of pizza from last night. perfection.

then i drowned myself in gossip usual monday night activity. tonight's ep was muchhh better than last week. serena is really going downhill this season- i used to like, not so much. and come on, did they really have to play blair's song (well leighton's, "good girls go bad") like a zillion times when she was on the screen? totally LAME. i still love chuck. that will never change :)

off to hang with annie (the dog i am sitting). nighty night.


  1. I agree, I thought Toni Colette's dress was stunning!

  2. Thanks for the get well wishes!!! :) I'm feeling soooo much better today luckily, for the first day of Fall...

    P.S. LOVE Toni's dress too. Those layers are beautiful and the color is just gorgeous. Did she win an award for United States of Tara!? That show is too funny!

  3. yah- the outfits were not too impressive! I do like this little number. Glad you enjoyed the kashi pizza- I have never tried one. AM workouts totally rock. I wish I was able to teach class in the am!

  4. haha agreed that last night's ep was SO much better! i really wanted to be at blair's sushi party ;)

  5. ahhhhhhh me too! i would have totally chose that partaaayyy over vanessa movies lol


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