September 22, 2009

any nutty ideas?

so i forgot to mention that yesterday health savvy shopaholic got some awesome mail :) i had been in contact with amy's and although they do not send samples, they sent me tons of coupons! love their stuff :) thanks amy's!

i had planned working out this morning before work, but didn't get a very good nights sleep so i passed on that. at one point i woke up and my head was at the foot of the bed and my feet were at the head. what was i doing in my sleep? haha.

obviously i had an iced coffee on my way to work (7-11 is my new FAV!!!). around noon i decided i was hungry so i ran home and picked up the lunch that i had made this morning (but forgotten to grab on my way out the door- ugh). it was a sammie (on a 5 grain flax flat out) with whipped cottage cheese, almond butter, chia seeds, and fresh peach slices.

i had never made this combo before...and will not make it again. yuck! it would have been delish with some other fruit like banana. the peaches were just too ripe and juicy so it was messy and soggy. blahhhh. i barely ate any of it. i also had brought something else new to try- cinnamon banana chips.

another disappointment :( i had picked these up the other day at publix because they sounded like the perfect snack- the only ingredients were banana and cinnamon, and only 90 calories per bag. unfortunately, they were way to sweet for my taste and i only managed to down 1 and a half of them. booooo.

at this point, i was now starvingggg. good think i had some goodies stashed in the fridge at work.

an African red navel orange (sooooo good) and a cottage cheese cup. this hit the spot :) i guess i should just still to simpler things...

only 15 minutes of work left and then im off to the gym. 90210 tonightttttt! woo hoo! au revoir mon amis :)

question- i have some butternut squash in the fridge that i need to use asap- anyone have any good recipes/ideas?


  1. supes love the coupons girl! :) i haven't had the chance to try amy's products yet, so let me know how you like them!

  2. I haven't had Amy's in awhile. I love their soups.

  3. I have never tried Amy's... How did you get in contact with them??

  4. meg- i emailed them about sampling their products but they don't do that but said that theyd love to send me coupons- go to their websites and contact them- the womans name is carol.

    lizzy- amys stuff rocks! i eat it all the time- very quick, easy, and healthy! get on that :)

    nicci- LOVE their soups...veg barley is my fav :)

  5. I love Amy's stuff! Which says alot since I despise frozer and pre-prepared food! So cool!

  6. you MUST buy Amy's roasted veggie tamale meal. Its to die for!!

  7. Sorry about the sammie. I love Amy's alphabet soup! Soooo good!

    I love bnut squash! Like LOVE! You can simply steam it then mash it up with some cinnamon & brown sugah.. or you can cut it up (after peeling) and bake it (at 425, for around 40 mins, flipping half way) and it tastes just like french fries!


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