September 24, 2009

grilled cheese pleaseeeeee

so i guess i'll pick up where i left off...

i didn't end up going to the gym after work on tuesday- i felt strange and yucky. totally exhausted and i just didn't feel up to exerting any energy. i rested for a bit (with ollie) and felt a lot better after laying down.

ol makes everything better :)...once jon got home we headed to publix to figure out what to do for dinner. we both decided one GRILLED CHEESE :) we picked up three different kinds of boars head cheese from the deli, a little bit of their new tuscan turkey, organic california protein bread, and a few other goodies (udi's granola, chobani, a naner, kashi carribean pizza, etc). jon's sammie consisted of turkey & monteray jack with jalps and mine consisted of mj w/ jalps, vermont cheddar, avocado, and tomato. grilled them on the panini press for a few and voila!

heavenlyyyyyyyy! nothing hits the spot like a g.c. :)

yesterday was my DAY OFF- they are alwaysss insanely busy (hence my lack of posting). i started off the morning with a nice, long walk with annie and then a much needed trip to the gym. on my way i had a peach chobani...

i had never had one of these plain (as in with no added fruit or cereal), and it was kind of blahhh. VERY thin and not as thick as i like for a greek yog. i will def still eat them, but with added goodies!

i spent the early afternoon doing housework- sweeping, mopping, laundry, etc. YUCK! around 3 i decided i better eat lunch because my tummy was feeling kind of empty. i had a tuscan turkey and horseradish cheddar sandwich with tomatoes on a 5 grain flax flat out. grilled, obvi.

i continued being productive around the house and started to clean out my closet (a little). i brought a few bagsss full of stuff to goodwill (my good deed of the day!!).

once jon got off work, we took a nice bike ride. after about 35min it started to rain (typical florida), so we headed home. we ended up running more errands all evening (walmart- ewww) and didn't get home until 10! my stomach had surpassed being hungry but i knew that i should eat something before i went to bed. i had a tiny serving of pasta with bolognese sauce that jon's mom had made and some broccoli (no pic, too late). twas delish, but not a good choice for such a lateeee din. i woke up with a food baby, obvi :(

i hit the gym this morning before work. i am beginning to love working out in the morning because it gives me so much time to do things after work :) i did 30 min on bike, 15 on elliptical, and 15 strength. i also squeezed in a tonn of crunches. my abs are already sorrrreeee.

when i got to work i was actually hungry (which is weird for me because i am usually not hungry before noon). i had a mug full of cottage cheese, half of a sliced naner, and some sliced almonds. i LOVEEEEE this combo!

around 2 i decided to have some lunch. my tummy has been feeling a little funny this morning (i am on a new diabetes med and i think that has something to do with it), so i wasn't sure what i wanted to eat. i decided to walk down to cravings and got a classic- ham, egg, and cheddar on a w/w low carb wrap.

i felt like a little kid again! sooo nummy :)
back to work. ta ta!


  1. That grilled cheese looks awesome!

  2. I agree grilled cheeses are pretty darn good! I love how you added jalapenoes.. I always do the same!

  3. grilled cheeses are an awesome childhood favorite! looks yummy!!! :)

    i'm jealous of all your yogurt! enjoy!


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