September 17, 2009

how bazaar?

so a mere 2 hours after complaining about my burger baby, i ate ICE CREAM! wtf is wrong with me? it was black raspberry chip (MY FAV!)- how could i say no? and it was only a tiny bit...i swear! i didn't take a pic- that means it didn't happen, right? no evidence, ha!

this morning i was up early, or earlier than usual i should say, because i had a doc's appt. no worries- just my regular diabetes check-up. apparantly i have lost 7 lbs (i don't like to talk numbers on here, but this just suprised me) since my last appt 4 months ago. i feel like i've gained 7 though- maybe muscle? hmm this just stumped me. oh well, no complaints.

i ran around and did some errands (you know, hit up the bank to check on my trust fund. i wish. more like to check on my overdrafts.) and then headed to work- via cravings for an iced coffee...i spent the morning reviewing the tory burch runway show for our spring '10 order.

umm HELLO- how BOMB are these looks?!? oh hold on, my closet's calling- it says it NEEDS that studded leather skirt in it! NOW! i also looked over proenza, templerly, malandrino, and phillip lim. to dieeeee for. this put a hugeeeeee smile on my face for the morning :D except...

the fact that catherine malandrino thought it was a good idea to put a dropped crotch in like allllll of her looks. sorry, but looking like you have a load in your pants or are wearing a huge depends diaper is NOT a flattering look- on anyone (even models)!
okay so enough of that- around noon i decided that i was semi-hungry and nibbled on the wild blueberry orange zest "muffin" that i picked up at cravings this morning. it's one of those creations that have no flour or sugar- sounds yucky, but it was actually AWESOME!

so "nibbling" turned into sTuFFinG the whole thing down my throat- yay! happiness :)

i've kept myself busy this afternoon and decided to have my "lunch" at close to 3. peach chobani w/ fresh peach, fresh blueberries, and half a bag of blueberry flax granola to go.

oh and how perfect that bazaar and instyle were delivered into my hands right as i decided to eat lunch. ahhhh GREAT day :)
off to finish reading the "bibles" (see above). ta ta for now.


  1. I have seen women around the city wearing those pants.. haha with boots.. I am not sure if I get it though haha.. What do you do??? I am kinda jealous that you get to look at Tory Burch

  2. Love those skirts in the first picture! Don't love the outfits in the 2nd one though. Sounds like you have a fun job!

  3. seriously- those pants are ridic! i don't understand them either. so many of those ladies in the city wear things because they are in the mags or seen on celebs. i like to wear things because they LOOK good on- and those sure don't haha. i work for a designer boutique doing sales, buying, management- a little bit of this and that. pretty much playing with pretty clothes and shoes and bags all day :)

  4. owwww love the looks of the chobani with all the fruit stuffed in it! I wish I was good with fashion!

  5. woo-hoo! You GO on that Chobani. My own Chobani has never experienced such overload. I should try.

  6. Those pants are insane! I agree they don't look good on anybody. And you job sounds like a ton of fun!


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